Jordan now warming up to the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt really is ground zero for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. There is a reason that Mubarak fell so quickly compared to Libya’s Gadhafi and Syria’s Assad. One of the consequences of a Brotherhood stronghold in that region is that other countries are bound to fall in line.

Via the AFP (h/t GMBDR):

Jordan is trying to woo the powerful Muslim Brotherhood after it gained more ground following the election of Islamist Mohamed Morsi as Egypt’s first civilian president, analysts said on Monday.

Urging opposition Islamists to take part in early elections this year, King Abdullah II on Thursday ordered parliament to amend a controversial electoral law after they threatened to boycott the polls.

On the same day, he hosted Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal on his second official visit this year since his expulsion in 1999.

“The turning point in Jordan’s official position towards the Islamists following Morsi’s victory is very obvious,” Oreib Rintawi, who heads the Amman-based Al-Quds Centre for Political Studies, told AFP.

“Decision-makers here have realised that the region is now in the ‘Brotherhood era.’ The Islamists are already ruling in some Arab countries.”

The fall of Jordan to the Muslim Brotherhood is all but a foregone conclusion. The question that needs to be answered is…

…will it fall before Syria does?


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