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Video: Hamas MP says it’s time for Islam to pick up where Nazis left off

If it weren’t so deadly serious, western media’s ignorance of this elephant in the room would be laughable. Unfortunately, it’s deadly serious. Hamas MP Sheik Yunis Al-Astal proclaims that when it comes to persecuting the Jews, it’s time for the baton to be passed from the Nazis to Islam. Via MEMRI:

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Courage in Pakistan; 16 year-old and her Christian faith

The Houston Chronicle is well known for being a left wing newspaper, which is why it’s good to see them cover this story. Ten years ago, Julie Aftab was a 16 year-old Christian girl working in Pakistan. Today, she is with a loving family in Texas. The story of her life in between is one […]

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Leftist Celebrity Photographer learns a tough Lesson

Her name is Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury and she’s a celebrity photographer who attempted to help a Muslim woman empty her shopping cart. Via the Daily Mail: She had been to see a friend and was on her way home to Kensington when she decided to pop into the store for some groceries at about 2pm. She […]

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