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Jordan now warming up to the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt really is ground zero for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. There is a reason that Mubarak fell so quickly compared to Libya’s Gadhafi and Syria’s Assad. One of the consequences of a Brotherhood stronghold in that region is that other countries are bound to fall in line. Via the AFP (h/t GMBDR): […]

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1st Lt. Michael Behenna loses final Military Appeal

For those new to the maddening story of 1st Lt. Michael Behenna, we wrote about it here. Feel free to get up to speed before digesting the outrageous new development. Behenna now has scant few options left after losing his final military appeal. Via Bob McCarty (h/t Atlas): Short of a presidential pardon or Supreme […]

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Outrage: English Social Services seeks to Seize Newborn Baby because Mother is anti-Islam

Her name is Toni McLeod; she’s pregnant and her husband is fight for Great Britain in Afghanistan. At one time (no longer), she was a member of the anti-Islamic group known as the English Defence League (EDL). It is that prior membership that has caught the attention of British Social Services, who say that McLeod […]

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