John Boehner at the Convention: ‘At least (my name’s) not ‘Weiner'”

While speaking at a breakfast during the Republican convention, House Speaker John Boehner threw out some red meat for attendees to eat with their waffles.

Via New York Post:

House Speaker John Boehner made Weiner, who resigned last year in a sexting scandal, a punch line in a breakfast speach this morning to the New York and Puerto Rico GOP delegatons.

“People have trouble with my name. Is it Bainer? Bonner? Boner?,” he said to nervous giggles..

“At least it’s not Weiner!,” he said.

The half-sleepy delegates erupted with wild applause.

Subtle reference to the Huma Abedin flap as a result of the backlash caused by his defense of her?

Probably not but we can dream.


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