Letter we received about a Persecuted young girl

Keith Davies

We recently received the following letter from one of our contacts in Pakistan.

Dear Brother and sisters


A 15 or 16 year-old Christian girl named Sumbal Masih, daughter of Sardar Masih, had been working as a maid in a house at Model Town, Lahore for two years – along with her younger sister Sadaf Masih and a cousin named Rabiya.

On September 14, 2012, Sumbal was watching television in the owner’s room when, suddenly, the owner came in and started beating the poor girl for watching the movie. They beat her violently with something resembling pipes or iron rods.

Afterwards, they took her to the washroom and tortured her terribly. She was yelling loudly; her piercing cries for help tormented our hearts. This entire incident was reported by Sumbal’s cousin, Rabiya. When Rabiya and other servants heard Sumbal crying for help, they ran upstairs to help her but the owner took Sumbal to the washroom and sent Rabiya and other servants downstairs. As a result, they did not know what was done with Sumbal.

When Sumbal’s parents came to know about this incident through Rabiya, they ran to get their daughters back but the owners said that Sumbal had fled from their house and they didn’t know anything about where she was. They would not even give Sadaf – the second daughter – back to them. A ground officer and team that was looking after the matter. The parents, to include the mother of the girls, Basheera Bibi, went to the house of Mr. Adeel, of 132-J block model town Lahore to get their daughters. The ground officer was forced to sit in the lawn of the house whereas Baseehra Bibi was taken inside by Mr and Mrs. Adeel after two hours waiting outside. The ground officer came outside and he suggested Sumbal’s father call the police. When the police arrived, Mr. Adeel sent Basheera Bibi along with her second daughter Sadaf outside. However, they are still making excuses regarding Sumbal Masih.

A petition is being filed in the session court of Lahore for the rescue of Sumbal, a minor. We therefore request the Honorable Chief Minister of Punjab to take notice in this regard.



Just wanted to let everyone know.

More information as it comes available.


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