Even Liberals Recognize Obama as a ‘Black Muslim’

Keith Davies

Just headlined in the mainstream media is Madonna’s official endorsement of President Obama’s second term at a concert in Washington, D.C. last night. Despite her Kabala interests and so-called support of Israel, she has no problem with Obama’s anti-Israel actions in the recent few weeks and years. What was even more interesting was the response from the liberal audience that had no problem with that “lie” when they cheered the singer making these comments (pay attention at the 1:55 mark):


Our liberal media flatly ridicules right-wingers who would make that very same observation, that “Obama is a Muslim”.

Ever since Obama ran for president, Walid has observed that the actions and background of Obama were more revealing than his words. Just a few of these observations, makes an iron clad case as to both the religion and where Obama’s loyalties lie. Obama was born to a Muslim father and had a stepfather that was also Muslim. He was brought up as a Muslim when living in Indonesia as a child and he can recite the standard prayers of Islam in classical Arabic. There is no Christian testimony to be found from President Obama. Even his pastor, the controversial Jeremiah Wright, stated that he did not believe Obama had made a full conversion. Why does Obama compliment the Quran but always finds fault with the Bible? Obama, being the son of a Muslim Father makes him a Muslim for life and under Islamic law. You cannot change your faith except under the penalty of death in Islam. Have there been any calls for Obama’s death around the time before or after the 2008 presidential election from the Muslim world, even from the most extreme elements? No. Why? The reason is that most Muslims in America and in the Middle East know he is still Muslim. We have shown this time and again from Muslims saying this in interviews both here and the Middle East. Obama has stated in a slip of his tongue that he was Muslim:

Obama has many advisers in his administration who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and have advised Obama in the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood. Why do you think his policy on Egypt and North Africa is what it is? He is part of the problem and not the solution. Obama’s policy on Israel is blatantly hostile. Obama speaks softly about Israel and says the right things but his actions are the antithesis of an ally. We have seen this repeatedly over the last 4 years and even when he was campaigning. Remember the AIPAC speech when he said that Jerusalem should never be divided then walked it back twenty four hours later? The 1967 borders comment was another affront and so is his unwillingness to meet Bibi while the Israeli Prime Minister is in the USA for the UN conference.

Some argue that Obama is firm in killing terrorists like Al Qaeda Jihadists. This is true but he also has armed them in Libya and now in the Syrian civil war. Al Qaeda are also enemies of the Muslim Brotherhood as they are unwelcome because they use violence/terrorism when Islam is not militarily ready to take over the world. The objective is to use “the project”, a Muslim brotherhood conspiracy to destroy America and the West from within by infiltrating our government, police, FBI and CIA. The Muslim Brotherhood has had much success. It could be argued that our own president could be the highest Muslim Brotherhood operative in our government.

When will all Americans add two and two to get four?


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