Video: Andrew McCarthy on Benghazi, attention given to anti-Muhammad film

In this interview with Andrew McCarthy, the former Blind Sheikh prosecutor talks about the breakdowns within the Obama administration relative to the Benghazi attacks on 9/11/12. Based on lack of evidence to the contrary, he gives the administration the benefit of the doubt in asserting that the lack of response was due to gross incompetence instead of malevolence.

Though he sets up some dots that seem to be easily connected.

First, the anti-Muhammad video is brought up and McCarthy rightfully charges the administration with putting forth a false narrative it knew to be untrue; he then talks about how the video likely wouldn’t have gotten any attention if not for the administration’s pointing to it.

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That false narrative had another consequence besides taking attention away for the true motivation behind the attacks. That consequence was debate about criticism of Islam. The degree to which the Obama administration went to both call such attention to the video as well as push the false narrative surrounding it definitely warrants further investigation.

From there, McCarthy talks about the push to criminalize criticism of Islam and seems to leave the door open for such an end being one of the objectives of the Obama administration.

Via the Daily Caller:

If you have not read Walid’s analysis of the men behind the Innocence of Muslims film, we encourage you to do so in light of what McCarthy had to say in that interview.


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