Archive | March 25, 2013

Alarming Footage: Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Weapons

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat In December of last year we revealed that the rebels had in their hands potent chemical weapons and were testing them on rabbits, and we predicted that they will use them on innocents. Well now it is happening. And now, new evidence translated from Arabic sources reveals the likelihood […]

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There are Two Passovers, Not One

By Walid Shoebat While Israel observes the old Passover, I am reminded of the words of Micah, the prophet who promised another—new, coming soon—Passover. Let’s keep in mind, Passover is not just about history; it’s about Israel’s destiny. While Jews read excerpts from the Bible about how G-d delivered them out of bondage in Egypt, […]

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Dore Gold on ‘European Settlements’ vs. Israeli Settlements

Cyprus has been in the news quite a bit recently over a decision to essentially tax people for having their money sitting in banks (there was a time when the banks paid people to have access to their money – times have changed). Israel’s Dore Gold hones in on Cyprus for another reason – it’s […]

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Video: Glazov Gang talks Iraq ten years later

It’s been ten years since ‘shock and awe’ campaign that kicked off America’s war in Iraq. Here are two videos from the Glazov Gang that includes a discussion about whether we should have gone in at all and what should have been done differently with the gift of hindsight. The second video involves analysis of […]

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