Archive | March 20, 2013

Syrian Rebels elect former leader of CAIR as first Prime Minister

As if we needed more proof that the mainstream media is either willfully blind – relative to western civilization’s Islamic enemies – or complicit in aiding and abetting them, here it is. As Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad has been getting creamed in the propaganda war, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood rebels, which are far more barbaric than […]

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Report: Boko Haram destroys 50 Catholic Churches in Nigeria

According to a Catholic priest in Nigeria, Boko Haram has successfully targeted dozens of Catholic churches for destruction. Via UPI: Boko Haram militants in Nigeria destroyed 50 of Borno state’s Catholic churches, a priest charged. Is it good enough just to be informed? Consider being a partner in saving the lives of Christians in Muslim […]

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CNN’s Jake Tapper delivers shocking interview with man who Interviewed King Abdullah

The most amazing aspect to this story is not that Jordan’s King Abdullah warned of a “Muslim Brotherhood crescent” rising in Egypt and Turkey. Rather, it’s that Jeffrey Goldberg, whose interview with Abdullah was published in the left-leaning Atlantic Monthly, appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper to discuss it. Regular readers of our blog are […]

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