Andrew Bostom breaks down Islamic Blasphemy Law

In this excellent piece by Andrew Bostom, he gives you the origins of Islamic blasphemy laws, what constitutes violations of such laws, who’s guilty, real life examples (Salman Rushdie), and more.

Ten Key Points on Islamic Blasphemy Law

At Rescue Christians, our people have seen the passage of such laws, their implementation, and how inherently evil they are. As Walid discovered while investigating the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA), the Islamic forces will continue to push for majority status in every nation until they can implement such laws in those lands.

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Something else fits quite nicely into Bostom’s analysis. A big reason so many people attempted to blame an anti-Muhammad video for violence in the Middle East on 9/11/12 was to further push an agenda that includes criminalizing any speech critical of Islam.

Unfortunately and inexplicably, the Obama administration echoed this narrative.


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