Syrian Rebels elect former leader of CAIR as first Prime Minister

As if we needed more proof that the mainstream media is either willfully blind – relative to western civilization’s Islamic enemies – or complicit in aiding and abetting them, here it is. As Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad has been getting creamed in the propaganda war, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood rebels, which are far more barbaric than is Assad, continue to maintain sympathetic victim status.

Now it’s learned that the interim Syrian government, installed to represent the rebels, has elected a former Vice President of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX to lead them. Oh, and the election took place at a meeting in… Turkey. Yes, the same Turkey that was once home to where the Ottoman Empire was centered. And, go figure, the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) was created to reestablish that empire.

From the AP (via GMBDR):

Syria’s opposition coalition early Tuesday elected a little-known American-educated IT manager and Islamic activist to head an interim government to administer areas seized by rebel forces from President Bashar Assad’s troops.

Ghassan Hitto received 35 votes out of 48 ballots cast by the opposition Syrian National Coalition’s 63 active members during a meeting in Istanbul. The results were read aloud by coalition member Hisham Marwa to applause from a few dozen of his colleagues who had waited until after 1 a.m. to hear the results.

Although there doesn’t appear to be a link to the story, GMBDR cites a 2002 Fort Worth Star-Telegram article as the source for the following information:

In 2002, U.S. media identified Mr. Hitto as the Vice-President of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Dallas Fort-Worth Chapter (see Note 1). A Hudson Institute report identifies CAIR as part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas support infrastructure in the U.S.

Something else of note can be found in the AP article about Hitto – beyond other Muslim Brotherhood Groups he has connections to (like MAS and IAP) – and his work with a private school:

He (Hitto) worked for a number of different technology companies and helped run a Muslim private school called the Brighter Horizons Academy. He is also a founding member of the Muslim Legal Fund of America, which was founded to give legal aid to Muslims following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

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Hitto’s time with CAIR in Dallas, coupled with his work at Brighter Horizons is interesting for some other reasons, namely, the background of a man named Nabil Sadoun, a man who resided in the Dallas area, was a member of CAIR’s national board, and… was once the former head of the Islamic Studies Department at Brighter Horizons, according to the Dallas Morning News.

In 2010, a judge ordered Sadoun be deported to Jordan and was found to have ties to the Holy Land Foundation.

As for Hitto’s new role as the Muslim Brotherhood’s Prime Minister in Syria, the New York Times’ Anne Barnard is doing all she can to wage the Brotherhood’s propaganda war. Check out the headline of her story: Syrian Rebels Pick U.S. Citizen to Lead Interim Government.

A U.S. Citizen? That’s the headline? Right there, in plain black and white, is another example of how the rebels are winning the propaganda war. It’s being packaged as Bashar Al-Assad against a group being led by an American citizen!

As a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hitto’s status as an American citizen is trumped by one thing – his status as a member of a group that seeks to destroy the United States.

Check out how ignorant Barnard seeks to leave her readers, burying Hitto’s history with CAIR fourteen paragraphs in, without identifying the group as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood:

Mr. Hitto and his wife, Suzanne, an American schoolteacher, have four children, all born in the United States, where Mr. Hitto advocated for Muslim Americans after 9/11 as a representative of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Just a few short paragraphs later, when she could have made the connection, Barnard did not:

Some council members said Mr. Hitto was the choice of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood, a group that has long been banned and persecuted under the Assad family’s government and that plays a powerful role in the coalition. That could give him credibility among some in the Sunni Muslim-dominated uprising, but it also concerns some opposition members who feel the Brotherhood already wields disproportionate sway. Brotherhood leaders say they seek a civil, not an Islamic, state, but some in the opposition worry that it will impose a religious agenda.

What Barnard blatantly omits is that the reason Hitto would have credibility with the Brotherhood is that when he worked with CAIR, he was working for the Muslim Brotherhood.

It’s also amazing how many times the Brotherhood is able to successfully claim that it does not seek an Islamic state despite the fact that after every Muslim Brotherhood takeover in the Middle East to date, the goal of an Islamic state has become a self-evident truth.


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