Christophobia at Florida Atlantic University: Obama Sycophant requires students to stomp on word “Jesus”

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario: A university professor instructs all of his students to write the word “Muhammad” on a sheet of paper, place that sheet on the ground, and stomp on it. Then imagine that a Muslim student who refused to do so was suspended for not doing so. Then, the student calls CAIR to claim he was a victim of religious discrimination who suffered the consequences of Islamophobia. A short time later, the university’s leadership publicly stands behind its professor.

Ridiculous, right? Yes.

Now, imagine that same scenario being applied a bit differently and you have a real life event.

This has been a developing story but it started when Florida Atlantic University (FAU) professor Deandre Poole – also the vice-chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party and author of a pro-Barack Obama book entitled, Obamamania: The Rise of a Mythical Hero – instructed his class to write the name “Jesus” on a piece of paper, place it on the floor, and stomp on it.

One student objected, said he found the exercise offensive and wouldn’t participate. That student says he was suspended for not following the instructions given by Poole. Does that not constitute Christophobia on the part of Poole?

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The standard has been set by the left and by Muslim groups in the U.S. Any and all criticism or honest analysis of Islam is rooted in what they call “Islamophobia”. In fact, just take one minute and imagine a scenario in which a Muslim student in an FAU classroom was told to write the name “Muhammad” on a sheet of paper, place it on the ground, and stomp on it.

Riots might be taking place in Benghazi right now.

Isn’t the Obama administration all about fairness? If it’s ok to stomp on a paper with the word “Jesus” on it, why isn’t it fair to stomp on a piece of paper with the word “Muhammad” on it? The answer should be obvious and those of us who have been identified as Islamophobes should identify this for what it is, based on the standard of Muslim Brotherhood groups in America – Christophobia.

The best part? The student was suspended and FAU leadership is standing by Poole.

Can you say ‘more riots if Muhammad was stomped on’?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why Europe went along with anti-Semitism in the 1930’s, we’re watching the same dynamic unfold before our very eyes.

Here’s the video of a local news report, via Daily Caller:


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