Virtue is Freedom

By Keith Davies

I was watching the Bill O’Reilly show last night (Tuesday March 26) and was struck by how he abandoned his own conscience by dismissing a fundamental tenet of his faith as a Catholic. He separated himself from his own faith and stated his own ambivalence to homosexual marriage. Is that really ‘lookin’ out for the folks?’ When it comes to abortion, O’Reilly bases his view on the Catholic faith but on gay marriage he can equivocate. Later on, he criticized the Clintons for their 180 on the gay marriage issue.

Hypocrisy anyone?

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Our country is heading off a cliff; morality and virtue are becoming “old fashioned” in the new world (which is actually nothing new) of anything goes. Our founding fathers knew very well that this Nation was founded on the principles of the Bible and in “God we trust.” Freedom is not “anything goes” as long as you are not hurting anybody. Much of our laws and values are based on Biblical principles and now two hundred thirty seven years later, those values are all being thrown out the window.

Samuel Adams’s contemporaries, both friends and foes, regarded him as one of the foremost leaders of the American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson, for example, characterized Adams as “truly the Man of the Revolution.”

While most Americans today do not even let the name Samuel Adams fall off their tongues when they talk of the founding fathers, Samuel Adams is one of the greatest of the founders who has been underestimated by historians.

He stated:

“He who is void of virtuous attachments of private life is, or very soon will be, void of all regard for his country. There is seldom an instance of a man guilty of betraying his country, who had not before lost the feeling of moral obligations in his private connections.”

Freedom of religion is not freedom from religion. Morality and natural laws of man, unalienable rights bestowed by God, are the essence of freedom. Man-made laws that go against the principles of God will lead to disaster. Gay marriage – on its own – is not the point here but it demonstrates perfectly the moral decay of America and the world. We have allowed the denial of Biblical principles in our laws, which will not improve our society or our country but will do the exact opposite.

The very same people who promote gay marriage, abortion etc. are the very same people who are the “hate America first” crowd, matching perfectly the predictions of Samuel Adams over two hundred years ago.
Our country is strongly divided right down the middle on virtuous principles. Fifty years ago the country would never be divided on the issues of abortion, gay marriage etc. but today it is.


Biblical principles are being devalued because Bill O’Reilly and millions of others like him think that separating God from Government is the right thing to do but this is not what the founders promoted, nor was it how our country was governed in its first one hundred thirty years, when President Woodrow Wilson came to power. For the last hundred years, progressive policies have slowly strangled our country and the haunting words of Benjamin Franklin are now upon us:

“A Republic if we can keep it”

Conservatives have basically abandoned the secondary level education systems to the left. Conservatives, while they complain about the left-wing media and liberal Hollywood, have failed to build their own media and movie empire save for a few exceptions. While the left has been hard at work polluting the minds of our youth and dumbing down the public, all we can do is complain about the situation while doing little to push back the left’s agenda. Christians have power and money too but they do not use it to promote their message using the secular airwaves. The Republican Party is no longer conservative and is more interested in political power than in virtuous government.

“What good fortune for governments that people do not think! “ – Adolf Hitler.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” – Samuel Adams

All is not lost, so let us get busy!


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