Muslims Raiding and Seizing Christian Homes; Owners have no Recourse

Imagine leaving your home to go to work only to come home to find it seized by Muslims who threaten to kidnap you or your family members if you file a complaint. Those threats are viewed as legitimate because the courts charged with meting out justice don’t do their jobs.

Muqtada al-Sadr

Muqtada al-Sadr

Welcome to how Christians are treated in modern day Iraq by thugs loyal to Muqtada al-Sadr, a face Americans are familiar with from the Iraq war and whom was promoted to ‘Ayatollah’ in 2009.

Even the AFP reported on these crimes:

“Christian families have been disproportionately affected by the home seizures, officials say, for reasons to do with tribal politics and because of the high number who have fled… And because Christians do not retain tribal affiliations in the way Arab Muslims do, they have little recourse for resolving their disputes outside the Iraqi legal system.”

Tribal politics? Interesting theory.

One of the victims identified a bunch of thugs affiliated with al-Sadr, a man the Bush administration refused to arrest or kill during the Iraq war. For as bad as Saddam Hussein was, Christians were safer under him. The Christian population there has been decimated since Saddam’s removal.

Yet, U.S. policy in places like Syria, Egypt, Libya, et. al. all seem to serve similar ends.

While retired presidents typically like to enjoy retirement, they’ve also been known to be engaged in charitable causes. One such cause former George W. Bush might support is that of helping persecuted Christians instead of touting the Arab Spring, which has led to much of that persecution.

It'd be nice to see George W. Bush lend his voice to persecuted Christians in his retirement.

It’d be nice to see George W. Bush lend his voice to persecuted Christians in his retirement.


Many may view the ‘blame Bush’ mantra as having long been rendered ‘old’ but when it comes to the plight of Christians in Iraq and elsewhere, his policies have played a significant role. An acknowledgment by him about that may do damage his legacy but it’d still be the right thing to do and could mobilize some significant forces.


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