Obama’s Temple Mount Cult now in TURMOIL

On the eve of Malik Obama’s visit to Abilene, the church led by the man who is welcoming him, is now in turmoil. A top leader in the Abilene cult known as the House of Yahweh has been arrested for threatening to kill a judge and lawyers. The man is identified as Tsephanyah Yisrayl Hawkins, who obviously carries a name very similar to that of the House of Yahweh leader – Yisrayl Hawkins – who is scheduled to be hosting President Obama’s brother to the House of Yahweh auditorium on Good Friday, April 18th, as Shoebat.com has reported.

Tsephanyah Yisrayl Hawkins.

Tsephanyah Yisrayl Hawkins.

According to KTXS 12 in Abilene, a Texas Ranger filed a complaint against the cult leader, alleging that…

…Hawkins, a high-ranking member of the House of Yahweh, threatened members of a Dallas law firm of Chamblee Ryan in almost 100 emails. The 96 emails, according to court documents, were sent between 3:33 p.m. and 9:36 p.m. on March 27.

One of those emails involved a threat of murder:

In an email that was sent at 5:50 p.m., Crawford said Hawkins wrote: “I’ll kill the judge too. I know where he lives. Try me.”

One day later, on March 28th, a press release was issued that announced Malik Obama would be attending a Convention being held by the founder of the House of Yahweh, Yisrayl Hawkins. The event was billed as being put on by the Peaceful Solution Character Education, a sister organization of the House of Yahweh. As Shoebat.com has reported, the “peaceful solution” involves a plan to construct the ‘Third Temple” on the Temple Mount, adjacent and to the north of the Dome of the Rock.

'Pastor' Hawkins with Malik Obama.

‘Pastor’ Hawkins with Malik Obama.

While Tsephanyah Yisrayl Hawkins and Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins have extremely similar names, it is not known how or if the two men are related but they now both have criminal arrests in their pasts. In 2008, Pastor Hawkins was charged with bigamy and forced child labor but managed to escape a prison sentence after pleading no contest to four counts of forced child labor and having the bigamy charges dropped.

Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins arrested in 2008.

Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins arrested in 2008.


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