Geert Wilders Gaining Power across Europe

By Ben Barrack

A very interesting dynamic is at work in Europe right now. In the macro, the movement to beat back Islamic fundamentalism appears to be on the brink of uniting with the movement to secede from the EU. As has reported in the past, France’s Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders are making huge gains with their alliance. In the micro, Wilders may be on the brink of doing something quite amazing relative to growing the alliance.

Wilders: On brink of forming major alliance?

Wilders: On brink of forming major alliance?

Because the EU has become so powerful, party leaders from different countries – like Le Pen and Wilders – have attempted to form alliances to help break apart the EU but that’s not the only thing on the agenda. Dealing with the Islamic invasion is part of it. A figure to watch is Nigel Farage, a member of the European Parliament who leads the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP). Like Wilders and Le Pen, Farage is very much anti-EU but to this point, he has refused to align with them despite their tremendous harnessing of European support. While Farage is also concerned about Islamic immigration, he seems to have more of a concern about Le Pen than he does Wilders, saying he sees her views as anti-Semitic.

As to why Farage is more receptive to Wilders than Le Pen, it’s difficult to say but in many ways, Wilders – like Churchill – has been a lone voice in the wilderness for years and his concerns are bearing out. Essentially, Wilders has become more mainstream and less politically radioactive, unlike say, Le Pen’s father. There may be a bit of guilt by association taking place when it comes to any reticence Farage has to align with Le Pen.

Regardless, Wilders may be playing matchmaker. Farage may be realizing that the positions held by Wilders and Le Pen are beginning to win the day in Europe. According to a very recent article in the UK Daily Mail, Wilders seems convinced that he can get Farage to join the alliance. Any reason not to do so on the part of Farage would be political and rooted in political correctness. However, if he does join, it could very well indicate that for once political correctness is not politically correct.

To demonstrate just how much the state of any such alliance between Le Pen, Wilders and Farage is in flux, check out this interview Le Pen did with the BBC not long ago. Here, it appears that Le Pen and Farage will never come together, which has obviously changed if you listen to Wilders.

Also, note that the interviewer has a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

This Stockholm Syndrome expert says:

Stockholm Syndrome is a survival mechanism. The men and women who get it are not lunatics. They are fighting for their lives. They deserve compassion, not ridicule.

Note: Perhaps that’s the case in a hostage situation but when a reporter contracts the condition, he / she should quit.

If Farage can get over his hangup – whatever it is – he would certainly be an interesting addition to the anti-Islamic fundamentalism alliance. Here he is giving a complete dress down of elitist European parliamentarians:

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