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Muslims Murder 90 Year Old Grandmother And Three Children, And Then Heroic And Courageous Militia Takes Up Arms And Drive Out Muslim Jihadists

By Theodore Shoebat A heroic and courageous militia has risen up in Nigeria, called the Civilian Joint Task Force (JTF), and they have been successful in driving out Boko Haram Muslim jihadists in numerous instances. The group is also known as the Borno Youth Association of Peace and Justice, and it was founded in the […]

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Red Alert! Benghazi Select Committee COMPROMISED

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack **SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** What every American must know as the Benghazi investigation is about to begin involves what happened after the first 9/11 attack. The Patriot Act, was drafted in direct response to attacks on the United States perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist agents on 9/11/01. How is it […]

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USA exporting Suicide bombers

Florida man named as Syrian suicide bomber State Department names Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha as dead jihadist Source Reuters via Daily Telegraph (UK) Florida man named as Syrian suicide bomber Photo: REUTERS By David Millward, US Correspondent2:47AM BST 31 May 2014 An American who travelled to fight in the Syrian civil war, has been identified by […]

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Muslims discrimination against Dogs takes priority over Christian persecution

The Evening Standard one of the largest newspapers in UK gives this story front page headline news, while each and every day Christians and other minorities are being butchered all over the Muslim world just because they are not Muslim. It shows that the British loves their dogs more than they love their fellow suffering […]

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Hindu Savages Gang Rape Two Girls And Hang Them On A Tree

By Theodore Shoebat Hindu savages in India raped two girls, ages 15 and 14, and both cousins, and hung them on a mango tree. The girls were part the lowest stage of the Hindu caste system, called Dalits, or “untouchables”, and the superintendent of police said, “We now believe the girls were assaulted for their […]

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