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There is More Sexual Abuse in The Protestant Churches Than Catholic

Tchividjian had become convinced that the Protestant world is teetering on the edge of a sex-abuse scandal similar to the one that had rocked the Catholic Church. He is careful to say that there’s not enough data to compare the prevalence of child sex abuse in Protestant and Catholic institutions, but he’s convinced the problem […]

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Muslims Steal Christian Girl From Her Parents, And Then Force Her To Become A Sex Slave For Seven Months

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat A Christian girl, named Sunaila Sunny Benjamin, was kidnapped by Muslims in Pakistan and forced her to become the “wife” of a Muslim man. She was forced to become his victim of abuse and torture, both sexually and physically, for seven months. Sunaila and her Muslim friend were in a […]

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The Islamic Infiltration Of Christian Churches In America

By Thomas King Our Lord Jesus Christ warned clearly against false prophets and false Christs that would deceive even the very elect if possible. (Matthew 24:4, 5, 11, 12, 24-26). In these last days, wolves and deceivers have infiltrated the Christian Church in more ways than possible. What is worse, is that most of the […]

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Obama: ‘If we keep on getting distracted by this problem, then we are not solving it’

A throw-away quote by Barack Obama that went unchallenged in a 2007 debate is extremely revealing and provides the blueprint for how the left has decided to deal with Benghazi. When pressed about his position on granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, a mildly frustrated candidate Obama said: “…if we keep on getting distracted by […]

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Cenk Uygur Tells Americans who want Resolution to Benghazi, ‘F***’ You

By Ben Barrack If you thought Bob Beckel’s Benghazi meltdown was bad, it had nothing on the F-bomb laden tirade of Cenk Uygur on his internet show. The reason may have something to do with support for his home country – Turkey. Uygur holds dual U.S. / Turkish citizenship. There are very credible reports that […]

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Muslims Shoot Innocent People, Behead Them While They Are In Agony, And Then Twist Their Heads Completely Off

One Al-Nusra fighter shouts: “We completed the Sharia punishment in the land of Haran,” he announces what he considers carrying out the Sharia punishment for Syrian POWs as they were being shot in cold blood. “This pig is from Deir Ba’lba” says another while the rest shout “Allahu Akbar”. But shooting the POWs wasn’t enough, […]

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Obama Infected with Strassmeir Syndrome

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack The refusal of President Obama to admit guilt and come clean in the Benghazi fiasco is a great case-in-point to show what happens when politicians get infected with a debilitating disease. It’s called Strassmeir Syndrome, which is: the refusal to admit wrongdoing in the interest of self-preservation, even when […]

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