Hollywood Actors now in Damage Control mode after being Caught Conspiring to Sell Out Country

In typical liberal fashion, when you’re caught dead to rights doing something wrong, blame the accuser. In this case, a group led by James O’Keefe busted Hollywood actors Ed Begley, Jr. and Mariel Hemingway along with two Hollywood producers in a journalistic sting that revealed a willingness by all parties involved to betray their own country through propaganda, as Shoebat.com reported. Since the sting has been put on YouTube and is going somewhat viral, O’Keefe is somehow to blame.

Ed Begley, Jr. - BUSTED.

Ed Begley, Jr. – BUSTED.

The video, shot inside the Beverly Hills Hotel – which found controversy earlier this month when it was learned that the Sultan of Sharia law-run Brunei has an ownership stake in the iconic building – shows the actors and producers agreeing to do a film in the interests of Saudi oil and against the interests of U.S. energy independence. Perhaps in a moment of unintended candor, Begley acknowledged the sting has caused him problems:

He added that there has been “a tremendous amount of negative fallout” from the video. “Very angry people that are fans of James O’Keefe on Twitter and in emails — there’s a level of anger I haven’t seen in years, not based on fact. Quite the opposite. There was innuendo that Mariel and I were taking money. But we were never promised any money, we didn’t take any money, there’s no money in production or postproduction. I just went there to help a friend.”

As to the “negative fallout”, that was almost certainly the point of Project Veritas, the group that busted Begley. As to the “level of anger” Mr. Begley hasn’t “seen in years”, patriots generally don’t take kindly to traitors, which is exactly the thing O’Keefe’s operation unveiled. Begley, Jr. and Hemingway were willing to collaborate, collude, or otherwise assist Saudi interests to facilitate propaganda that had one purpose. That purpose was to profit from a film intended to generate public opposition to U.S. energy independence and support for increasing Saudi oil revenue.

The premise of the sting operation involved a rich Saudi oil man who wanted to contribute $9 million toward the production of Fracked, a film designed specifically to rub raw the sores of discontent over U.S. oil production.

Producers caught up in the sting – Josh and Rebecca Tickell – were eager to go along. As such, they had to conclude that as a profiteer, the rich Saudi must have believed that the $9 million would come with a return greater than that. Regardless of what that return might be, where would it come from?

Simple: It would come from a loss of fracking jobs in the U.S., caused by public opposition based on the effectiveness of the film in generating it.

Screenshot from O'Keefe's film (note what Muhammad the 'Saudi oil man' is saying).

Screenshot from O’Keefe’s film (note what Muhammad the ‘Saudi oil man’ is saying).

That, Mr. Begley, is a betrayal of your country and that is why people are angry. It has nothing to do with being ‘fans’ of Mr. O’Keefe.

To demonstrate just how effective the sting operation was, look no further than the weak attempts by left-wing writer Lindsay Abrams. She doesn’t deny what happened but wants readers to believe that just because no deal was consummated, no harm was done. This defense is Jay Carney-esque in that it’s hard to come up with a defense when their isn’t one.

Ms. Abrams, that’s not at all the point. The point is intent of those involved and a desire to profit from propaganda at the expense of the welfare of your own nation and its people.

Once again, here is the video, posted earlier by Shoebat.com:


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