History’s Genocidal Plagues Will Soon Come Upon Us

By Walid Shoebat 

Will the genocidal plagues of history ever reawaken? With ethno-nationalism becoming more and more intense, it is not far fetched to say that this is a very possible reality.

Take a look at something that is rarely being talked about: The Turkish government just recently established an online genealogy database to check the ethnicity of Turkish citizens. This database is called the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship. This database was released to the public on Feb. 8th. So many people entered the database to see what ethnicity they were, that the whole system crashed. This signifies a surge in race obsession (and we are seeing this in the West as well).

People who had always boasted about their their Turkish blood, ended up being shocked to find out that their background was not purely Turkish. Already there are racialist comments being made in light of this system, which is known on the internet as “e-devlet.” Comments like, “Crypto-Armenians, Greek and Jews in the country will now be exposed” and “Traitors will finally learn their lineage”, can be found on Twitter.

I believe that there is a greater agenda behind this. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once complained: “We are accused of being Jews, Armenians or Greeks.” Major officials in the Turkish government want to enforce a Turkish identity. Ultimately, this is about racialism. Journalist Serdar Korucu told Al-Monitor regarding the database: “This is how Turkey reinvigorates the spirit of the Independence War” to inspire patriotism and pro-government thinking.

The Independence War was when the Turks defeated the Greeks who were occupying Istanbul after the First World War. In the midst of the Independence War, the Turks sacked and destroyed the Greek city of Smyrna.

When the Turks annihilated the Greek Christians of Smyrna (a city in Turkey), Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish republic, said: “It is a sign that Turkey is purged of the traitors, the Christians, and the foreigners, and that Turkey is for the Turks.” Notice the words: “Turkey is for the Turks,” such language indicates a violently nationalist sentiment that reflects a racialist agenda of enforcing an ethnic identity.

This racial hatred for non-Turks in Turkey continued on, and is still here. For example, in 1955, Turkish agents threw a bomb into the Mustafa Kemal Museum in Thessalloniki in Greece. The bomb exploded and became a popular headline. The Turkish government and press then blamed the attack on Greeks. Racist hatred erupted, and Turkish nationalists then used the story to justify going on a killing craze and a rape spree. On Sept. 6th and 7th, 1955, in the cities of Istanbul and Smyrna (Izmir), Turkish nationalist gangs destroyed hundreds of Greek homes, murdered 16 Greeks and raped 200 Greek women. Priests were also scalped and burnt in their beds. According to a report made by the United States Congress:

“Greek priests were reported circumcised, scalped, burned In bed; Greek women raped. … Just nine out of 80 Greek Orthodox churches In Istanbul were left undesecrated; 28 were demolished.”

In 2015, Ülkü Ocaklar, a member of the Grey Wolves, called for hunting down Armenians:

“What should we do now? Should we start a hunt for Armenians in the streets of Kars?”

A fact of history — that is rarely ever discussed — is that the Armenian Genocide was not just fueled by Islamism, but also by social-Darwinistic Turkish nationalism that was upheld by the Young Turks, an elite group that replaced the Sultanate and ruled the Ottoman Empire in its last days. In the 1934 book, entitled Biology and the Human Life, by Devlet Matbaasi, it affirms that the survival of Turkey will depend on the perpetuation of the superior genes of the Turk:

“The Turkish race of which we are proud to belong has a distinguished place amongst the best, strongest, most intelligent and most competent races in the world. Our duty is to preserve the essential qualities and virtues of the Turkish race and to confirm that we deserve to be members of this race. For that reason, one of our primary national duties is to adhere to the principle of leading physically and spiritually worthwhile lives by protecting ourselves from the perils of ill health, and by applying the knowledge of biology to our lives. The future of our Turkey will depend on the breeding of high valued Turkish progeny in the families that today’s youth will form in the future.”

Server Kamil Tokgöz, a Turkish medical professor, wrote in his 1938 book that “abnormal” people will reverse the process of Darwinian evolution. He broke society down into three categories: the superiors, the mediocre and the “cacogenics,” that is the inferior people, who he described as the mute, the deaf, the insane, alcoholics, vagabonds, the immoral and the criminals. While praising the Young Turks — even though they butchered millions — he would go around labeling criminals as “inferior.”

What most do not talk about is that in Turkey today there is a eugenist movement within the scientific elite of the country. Turkey just recently established the Turkish Genome Project, which is being done to perpetuate genetic ‘health.’ According to one report:

“The newly founded Health Institutes of Turkey (TUSEB) have initiated a Turkish genome project that aims at sequencing 100,000 genomes from healthy individuals as well as rare and complex disease patients to promote better health for future generations.”

While there is nothing wrong with medicine, such language reminds us of eugenist jargon. This goes back to the Young Turks and Ataturk himself. Ayca Alemdaroglu wrote a very in depth essay on the eugenics of the Young Turks and describes some of the eugenist beliefs of Ataturk:

“Atatürk, the leader of the Republican modernisation movement never mentioned eugenics as such; nevertheless, in the eyes of the eugenicists some of his famous remarks such as ‘strong and sturdy generations are the essence of Turkey’ and ‘the nation should be protected from degenerative perils’ were the basis of Turkish eugenic discourse.”

What we fear is that Turkey is setting a precedence for other nations to follow. Turkey could be making an example of awakening the genocidal plagues of the past, for other nations to follow, and we are not talking about Islamic countries, but Western countries where social-Darwinism has become their creed. Lets remember that the Ottoman Empire’s extermination of the Armenians inspired the Nazis and their eugenist despotism.

There was a writer who expressed this admiration for Turkish brutality and exhorted the Germans to emulate this very wanton cruelty. His name was Hans Trobst, a German mercenary who fought for Ataturk from 1921 to 1923.

In a series of articles written for the German nationalist newspaper, Heimatland (Homeland), Trobst praised the Turks for their “National will” in their struggle against the British and the Greeks and for their “liberation of Izmir [Smyrna]”, that is, the destruction and rape of Smyrna. Comparing Turkey’s struggle with Germany being imposed with the Treaty of Versailles, Trobst hailed the Turks for taking victory through sheer force and tenacity and saw their will as exemplary for the German nation:

“Through its own power Turkey has torn apart its own dictated ‘Versailles Peace’ and has asserted its own will to live against a world of enemies.”

Trobst, in praising the Turks, said that the Germans needed to have the “ability to destroy anybody working against them ruthlessly and forever. …This destruction must take a shape that is final and visible to everyone. This way the movement is preceded by terror, and only terror in its most blatant form today has an impact on unnerved and tired mankind. In this respect the Turks are exemplary teachers.”

There was another evil exhibited by the Turks which Trobst wanted Germany to emulate- the eugenist extermination done by the Young Turks against the Christian Armenians and Greeks. Presaging Nazi eugenics, Trobst hailed Turkish eugenics as “national purification”.

All such ideologies, be it Islamism and Darwinism, will bring the world to war, not just in the Islamic world, but in Europe as well, as it was in the two World Wars. Remember what Christ said: “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.” (Matthew 24:7).