Archive | March 2, 2018

Muslim Terrorists Attack And Murder 19 Christians In “Revenge” Attack In Nigeria

Nineteen Christians were murdered after Muslim terrorists sought “revenge” after a local and predominately Christian tribe is said to have formed a militia and been fighting back against Muslim terrorist in the area: Armed Muslim Fulani herdsmen in northeast Nigeria on Tuesday (Feb. 27) killed a pastor and 19 other Christians in apparent retaliation for […]

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Muslim Terrorists Decree ‘We Will Hunt Down And Murder All Christian Tourists In Egypt’

Muslim terrorists recently declared they will hunt down all Christian tourists in Egypt and murder them according to a report: ISIS killers have urged fighters to turn holiday hot-spots in Egypt into bloodbaths by murdering “Christian” tourists. Fanatics also called on jihadists to kidnap foreign travellers to embarrass the government and damage the valuable tourist […]

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