Archive | March 26, 2018

Mexican Drug Cartels Take Guns And Shoot Six People To Death At Close Range In Horrible Massacre

Mexican drug cartels murdered six people, executing them at close range as part of the ongoing drug wars. Here are the photos: Strong photographs of those shot in palenque in Purísima del Rincón, At least eight people were killed and 11 were wounded by gunmen who attacked a bar that worked as a rookery. In […]

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American Gun Culture Is Dying, It’s A Reflection Of The Decline Of Society

American gun culture is dying out, but why? It is a reflection of a greater social trend that, unfortunately, is most likely going to accelerate because the external disorder reflects the greater internal chaos taking place within society, as I discuss in my video: CHRISTIANS ARE BEING TORTURED AND MURDERED AS WE SPEAK. PLEASE CLICK […]

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Famous Homosexual TV Reporter Brags To The World ‘I Have HIV And I Am Proud Of It’

Karl Schmid is a reporter for ABC. He is also a homosexual. In a recent Twitter post, he brags that he has HIV and says that he is “overwhelmed” by the support of people for his lifestyle choices: Los Angeles-based ABC correspondent Karl Schmid said he struggled for nearly a decade before deciding to publicly […]

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