Study Shows That 39% Of Babies With Heart Conditions Are Murdered Through Abortion. Eugenics Never Died But Is Now Stronger Than It Ever Has Been

By Theodore Shoebat

A study shows that 39% of babies with heart conditions are murdered through abortion, as we read in one report from Life Site News:

new study on major congenital heart disease in Denmark has revealed how prenatal testing is being used to screen out babies with disabilities.

The paper, published in JAMA Cardiology, found that the rate of abortion for babies with major congenital heart disease (CHD) increased from 0.6% in 1996 to 39.1% in 2013 – a 65 fold increase.

For prenatally diagnosed major CHD, 57.8% of babies were aborted across the period of the trial. The rate is particularly high for some conditions – in the case of fetuses diagnosed with single ventricle defects (such as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, the most severe form of CHD), roughly 85% of pregnancies ended in abortion.

Denmark began offering universal prenatal screening free of charge in 2004, and is already known to have a very high abortion rate for babies with Down’s syndrome. During the time period studied, the proportion of major CHD detected in the womb rose from 4.5% to 71.0%.

What makes the figures even more tragic is that many of these conditions can be successfully treated. Hani Najm, MD, of Cleveland Clinic in Ohio told Medpage Today: “We’ve gotten so good at operating on these complex hearts and we have impeccable results with an overall mortality even around 1%, so in some cases [it] depends on what the morphology is. So we have come a long way in how we manage these kids.”

In fact, when prenatal testing is used therapeutically, it can improve the outcomes for surgical intervention, or allow the planning of neonatal palliative care.

As we so often see, the lives of unborn babies often lose out to economic factors. An article in response by Alexander A. Kon, MD, Ethical Implications of Prenatal Screening for Congenital Heart Disease, ​highlights some of the problems with the universal screening programme. Firstly, because the costs of treating a child with CHD are high, “parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis of major CHD could experience pressure, either intended or unintended, to terminate the pregnancy. Further, parents who choose to continue such a pregnancy may experience conscious or subconscious judgement by health care professionals and staff who consider TOP more beneficial from the perspective of overall health care cost.”

Dr Kon also warns that “patients of minority status may experience greater pressure to terminate such pregnancies.”

The last statement by Dr. Kon, that women who are not white may get more pressure to commit infanticide, is yet another evidence that indicates that eugenics never went away, but really is stronger today than it ever has been. Back in the first half of the 20th century, they were not pushing women to have abortions, but they were sterilizing people — which is still evil. Today, there is an entire international eugenics complex that is profiting from the advocation and committing of infanticide, and there is a specific targeting of minority children, or unborn children who are not white, to have them slaughtered through the consent of their own mothers, and by the hand of Social-Darwinist doctors.

Last year, Planned Parenthood Southeast president, Staci Fox, admitted that the majority of the babies slaughtered in Planned Parenthood offices are minority babies. “Predominantly our patients are about 15-29 years old, women of color living at 150 percent or more under the federal poverty level and those are the women who qualify for Medicaid,” Fox told NPR. So Planned Parenthood specifically targets minorities to murder their children because it wants to eradicate their populations. There are numerous operatives who present themselves as “liberal” and as “against racism” while they lobby for Planned Parenthood.

For example, Tim Wise, a Jewish American ‘anti-racist’ operative, will say many things against racism, but he will defend Planned Parenthood.


Another example of people who present a show of ‘fighting racism’ while backing the eugenist, racist and genocidal establishment of Planned Parenthood is Michael Eric Dyson. While this scammer will go off on his sophistical diatribes on racist police officers in America, he will back Cecile Richards, the CEO of Planned Parenthood:

Jane Eliot, one of the most famous of the ‘anti-racist’ operatives, who did the well known eye color experiment on school children (giving kids with blue eyes better treatment in the classroom to give the horrified children an experience of racism), also backs Planned Parenthood. She once said: “We would refuse to allow somebody to take away Planned Parenthood in order to keep women broke, barefoot, and pregnant.”

The anti-racism crowd is really no different from the ‘Counter-jihad’ movement. Both of them claim to be against a fascist, totalitarian system — with one setting their crosshairs on racism and the other on Islamism –, and both claim to be for freedom, and to be against discrimination. But both back eugenics, while using their words against racism and Islam as a way to cover up their true motivations. While people like Ben Shapiro, Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, and Robert Spencer all are part of the Counter-jihad crown, they both have pushed for policies that back the jihad.

Ben Shapiro, who will — with his fast talking ways — express himself against bringing in Islamic refugees, said not too long ago that the US government needs to be “providing actual arms support to whatever Syrian rebels are left” — which means, arm the jihad.

Spencer, a supposed ‘fighter’ against Islam, published an article which supports the backing and arming of Kurdish separatists in the Middle East, who are really just Islamic militants who persecute Christians.

The article says that Israel should arm and train Kurdish separatists to help further the cause of an independent Kurdish ethno-state:

Why should the Kurds in Iran not now take up arms received from a newly-independent Kurdistan, and welcome, too, outside volunteers from the Peshmerga in Iraq and Syria? For that matter, why wouldn’t Israel, which has had a long secret history of working with the Kurds, help out with training and weaponry for the Kurds in Iran? There is no better way for now,  to strike a destabilizing blow at Israel’s most dangerous enemy. … And Iran’s Kurds could also be getting more weapons, and training, from Israel. The Iranian Kurds will be a much more formidable foe than ever before, in numbers and in the experience of their fighters, in amount and sophistication of their weaponry, in the fact that next door in Kurdistan they would now have available a place where their soldiers could regroup, plan, and attack anew.

Spencer’s agenda is just like that of Michael Rubin of Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, who pushed for Israel to supply arms to the Azerbaijanis so that they could fight the Armenians:

“The Armenians receive assistance from Iran, and so it would make sense if Azerbaijan could access Israeli weaponry and training. Clearly, neither Armenia nor Russia are sincere about ending the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh. Turkey is occupied elsewhere, and so it makes perfect sense for Azerbaijan to reach out to friends to right a wrong that Azerbaijan has suffered for two decades.”

While Daniel Pipes presents himself as against the Islamic fundamentalism of Iran, for years he has been a lobbyist for the Iranian Mujahideen, or the People’s Mujahideen of Iran (Mujahadeen-e Khalq or MEK). Pipes, back in February of 2012, wrote an article lobbying for the US to remove the categorization “terrorist” from the Iranian Mujahideen:

“Remove the unwarranted terrorist tag from the MeK, as the European Union has already done. Government and private sources alike reveal no evidence that the MeK engages in terrorist activities or has the capability and intent to do so.” 

Frank Gaffney is one of the pioneers behind the Counter-jihad movement, and yet he, in 1994, wrote an article pushing for American support for the Muslim Chechen separatists, affirming that the US needs to “be making it clear that Russia’s failure to act in a manner consistent with democratic practices and Western norms in dealing with the Chechen independence movement will inevitably have adverse consequences for U.S. and allied assistance to Moscow and for efforts to integrate Russia into the West.”

So, not everything is what it seems to be. While the pharisees presented themselves as going against Roman occupation, when it came down to the ultimate objective of following their father, the devil, and having Christ crucified, they sided with the Caesar, declaring, “We have no king but Caesar!” The agents of diabolical aspirations will cover up their motivations with seemingly good and righteous causes. But look to the other things that they say and do, and you will see another gospel being preached. They say they are against racism, so as to get you to follow them as they advance racism. They say they are ‘against the jihad,’ so that they can get you to follow them as they advance the jihad. Ultimately their pursuit is the wants and desires of the antichrist.

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