Archive | September 3, 2018

Man Murders His Lover, Decapitates Her, Ritually Cuts Out Her Organs, And Then Buries Her Body At His Church

A man was arrested for murdering his lover, decapitating her, and then ritually cutting out her organs before burying her body at his church according to a report: A 42-year-old bricklayer, Olusola Akindele, has murdered his lover of two years after having sex with her in his home. In a report by Punch, the bricklayer […]

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Homosexual Shoves An Object So Large Into His Intestines Doctors Have To Invent A New Tool To Extract it

A homosexual brought about the invention of a new medical device after inserting an object so large into his intestines that he had to go the hospital and doctors could not retrieve it using normal means: Baffled doctors were forced to invent a lasso-like tool to remove a 23-inch (60cm) dildo firmly lodged inside a […]

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Was Paul Joseph Watson Just Outed As A Sodomite, And Is Infowars A Homosexual Club?

In August 2018, famous “conspiracy” talk radio host Alex Jones of the Alex Jones show was caught looking at transsexual pornography on live television. While this shocked many people, if one considers that he has dedicated considerable time to opposing the “T” letter in the “LGBT” but not the other letters, it is curious but […]

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