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The Potential For Civil War In Israel

In this video I talk about the prospect for civil war in Israel: They say, “Israel belongs to us!” Well, they can have it. They call Jerusalem the holy city, but St. John calls it Sodom and Egypt (Revelation 11), the land where Christ was murdered. They call it the holy land, but God tells […]

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The Government Of Latvia Just Brought Back The Draft

The government of Latvia just instated the drafted for its military, as we read in Kresy: The Latvian Seimas voted on Wednesday to introduce the so-called “state defense service”, i.e. to reintroduce conscription to compulsory military service. 68 deputies of the Latvian parliament voted for the reintroduction of universal military conscription. 11 were against, public […]

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The Greatest Lesson Of History Is That People Don’t Learn From History

A lot of people read from history, but not very many people really apply what they read to the current world. Academics love talking about history for history’s sake, and here lies the problem. History without real world application is just a hobby. We read about the Wolyn massacre in which Ukrainian nationalists butchered tens […]

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