Israeli Forces Kill Thousands Of Hamas Terrorists

Israeli has killed thousands of Hamas terrorists so far, and I hope they keep killing them until this jihadist cancer is no longer there. As we read in the Jerusalem Post:

The combined stages of the current invasion and the expected later stages of insurgency and lower-grade fighting will take several months, informed sources have told The Jerusalem Post.

While to date, the IDF and top political officials have talked about an invasion lasting more than weeks, and other processes lasting a couple of months or more, the impression now is that it will take longer.

This will probably not mean several months of intense fighting like now, but rather a combination of strategies, followed by months of fighting an insurgency after the initial stage.

There may also not be any one marker day for an end to the fighting, as Hamas is not expected to surrender at any point. Instead, the expectation is that just as over the past week, ground forces escalated their fighting, at some later point, the scale of fighting will be gradually reduced.

Beyond several months, it is hard for the IDF to predict. Given that insurgencies in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan lasted years, the estimate right now is several months.

This is probably due to the methodical pace of IDF forces, which are mostly still based in northern Gaza, and Hamas’s avoidance of too many large-scale battles, as they wait patiently to spring ambushes.

Thousands of Hamas terrorists have been killed by the IDF, some 1,500 during the first few days. Some tens of thousands of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad forces remain in Gaza.