Hamas Leaders Order Their Jihadist Fighters To Kidnap Israeli Soldiers So That The Hamas Leaders Can Choose Which Soldiers They Want To Rape

New information has revealed that Hamas planned on reaching the border of the West Bank and, more disturbingly, raping Israel soldiers. The Hamas leaders wanted to choose which ones they desired to rape. As we read in the Jerusalem Post:

Hamas’s original plan for October 7 went beyond just a massacre in the Gaza border area and taking hundreds of hostages, but to continue their assault up to the border with the West Bank, The Washington Post reported Sunday, citing Western and Middle Eastern security officials briefed on collected evidence.

This information was obtained from numerous maps, notes, supplies, and other written instructions found among the bodies of dead Hamas terrorists in the Gaza border area, as well as from interrogations of Hamas captives.

“We know from interrogations that Hamas came in with detailed plans of their attack, including which commander should rape which soldiers in different places,” Defense Minister Yoav Gallant explained to The Washington Post.