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Newly Published Article By Haaretz Reveals: As Jews Were Being Slaughtered And Burned Alive, They Were Asking, “Where The Hell Is The IDF?”

As time goes on, more light is being shed on the dark realities of the October 7th massacre. In a recent article from Haaretz it talks about the strangely slow response time from the IDF to the massacre, and the fact that dozens of soldiers stood outside a kibbutz while fighting and carnage went on. […]

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Islamist Woman Assists In The Extermination Of Ten Thousand People. She Just Got Sentenced To Death For Her Crimes

An Islamist woman, Asma Mohammed (who was the wife of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi), assisted in the genocide of the Yazidi people in Iraq (in which ISIS murdered 10,000 Yazidis). Now she has been sentenced to death by the Iraqi government for her crimes, as we read in the New York Times: A court […]

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Its Official: Israel Will Start Drafting Ultra-Orthodox Jews Into The Military. This Will Pave The Way Towards The Formation Of The Jewish ISIS

After decades of heated arguments between Israelis over getting the ultra-orthodox to be drafted into the military, the Israeli government has stated that it will begin drafting them next month, as we read in the New York Times: Israel’s defense minister, Yoav Gallant, approved a plan on Tuesday to start drafting ultra-Orthodox Jewish men into the […]

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The Future War Between Turkey And Cyprus

The Turkish Cypriots have begun construction of a road that they want to go through the UN controlled buffer zone that divides Turks and Greeks. The UN has objected to this, arguing that it will destabilize the fragile peace that has been maintained for decades. Turkish Cypriot forces attacked UN peacekeepers, seriously injuring three peacekeepers. […]

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Poland And Ukraine Agree To Form A Legion Of Ukrainian Soldiers Within Poland. Major Polish Official Warns That Ukraine Is Only Dragging Poland Deeper Into Conflict With Russia

Poland and Ukraine have just formed a security alliance in which it Poland has agreed to form a Ukrainian military legion within its own borders. One Polish official, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, Krzysztof Bosak, has warned that this only bringing Poland deeper into conflict with Russia. As we read in Kresy: Prime Minister Donald […]

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The World Is Preparing For A Trump Presidency

It appears that the world is preparing for a Trump presidency. We have Putin declaring that he will take Trump’s peace plan for Ukraine seriously; Zelensky saying that he wants to know what Trump’s plan for Ukraine is; European countries discussing how to “Trump proof” NATO, and Netanyahu toying with Biden on a settlement for […]

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Six-Hundred And Two Villages In Iraq Have Evacuated, Fleeing The Turkish Military As It Has Already Scorched Thousands Of Acres Of Farmland

In The Duhok province of Iraq, hundreds of villages have evacuated, fleeing the Turkish military which has already scorched 20,000 dunams (nearly 5000 acres) of farmland. Because of the recent Turkish AF bombardments in the Kurdistan region, 80% of the agricultural lands and forests in 5 villages in the Bargare area in Amedi district have […]

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The World Is Pushing For A German Dominated Europe

Recently, DW released a video report on how there is a shift for Germany to lead security in Europe within NATO. In the video report, one can see Poland’s prime minister, Donald Tusk, saying: “I cannot imagine Germany not becoming a leading nation in terms of joint European and Polish security.” The video also showed […]

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The Republican Party Is Changing Its Platform, To Be Less Focused On Abortion And More Fixated On Immigration And Isolationism

The Republican party has come up with a new draft which is backed by Donald Trump. It is is not strong in language against abortion and fixates more on isolationism, nationalism and immigration. During the 2016 and 2020 elections, the Republicans pursued a federal ban on abortion after 20 weeks. Now, the party is simply […]

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Speaking Against The Pope Is Worse Than Pedophilia, According To The Catholic Church

One thing that Vigano’s excommunication teaches us is that within the Roman Catholic system, speaking out against the pope is worse than pedophilia. Vigano was thrown out for spreading schism against the pope, but the pedophile, sexual predator priests, and the bishops and cardinals who have covered up for them? No excommunication:

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Vigano Is Right, The Vatican Is A Satanic Institution

Carlo Vigano was excommunicated, but the thousands of pedophile priests have not been excommunicated. The Vatican is a satanic institution: Once I was full of idealism, hope, zeal and a pure optimism that I could — one day — start a restoration within the Catholic Church. My journey to Catholicism began in high school, when […]

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Jewish Settlers Attack The Israeli Police, And Throw Rocks And Firebombs At Israeli Officers

Here is yet another example of Jewish extremists attacking their fellow Jews. This time it was in the case of an evacuation of Jewish settlers who were squatting on privately owned Palestinian land. The IDF soldiers were working to evacuate the squatters out, but they were met with violence as the settlers threw stones and […]

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