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Polish Mercenaries Get Into Gun Battle With Ukrainian Nazi Unit, And Shoot And Kill One Of The Nazis

Polish mercenaries got into a gun battle with Ukrainian nazi unit called Aidar, killing one of the nazi fighters, as we read in Topcor: In the area of ​​the village of Torskoye in the Krasnolimansky direction, Polish mercenaries entered into battle with the Ukrainian Nazis, military expert, retired LPR lieutenant colonel Andrey Marochko reported in […]

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The Catholic Church In Germany Officially Accepts Gay Marriage

The Catholic Church in Germany has become a part of Sodom, officially accepting gay marriage. As we read in Zeit: According to his own statements, Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx can certainly imagine blessing homosexual couples himself. “Why not?” he said in an interview with the Münchner Merkur when asked whether he would bless a homosexual […]

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St. Paul Warned The Roman Catholic Church: God Will Give You Up

Catholics will argue that because Christ told St. Peter that the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church, that God will never give up on the Roman institutional church. But what these people ignore is what one of the first two popes, St. Paul, explicitly warned the Roman Church (in Romans 11) that […]

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Germans In Their Thirties Are Now The Most Likely To Vote For The Far-Right

According to a recent study by Germany’s INSA, Germans in their thirties are the most likely to vote for the far-right nationalist party, AfD. As we read in the Telegraph: Young Germans are among the ‘unhappiest in Europe’ as polls show a drift among Millennials to the far right. According to a report by Unicef, […]

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Islamic Terrorists Murder Twenty-Three Pastors And Shutdown Two Hundred Churches

Islamic terrorists in Nigeria murdered twenty-three pastors and closed down two hundred churches, as we read in Christian Post: Terrorists have killed 23 pastors and forced the closure of more than 200 churches in Nigeria’s Kaduna State over the past four years, according to the Rev. Joseph Hayab, chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria […]

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Muslim Fundamentalists Attack Catholic Seminarian And Burn Him To Death

Islamists in Nigeria burned a Catholic seminarian to death, as we read in Catholic Review: In an endless cycle of violence against Christians in Nigeria, seminarian Na’Aman Danlami Stephen of the Diocese of Kafanchan was burned to death on Sept. 7 when a terrorist group called Fulani herdsmen attacked the rectory at St. Raphael Church […]

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Australian Bishop Sexually Assaulted Four Young Men And Groomed Another 67 Young Men

A retired Australian bishop is being investigated for sexually assaulting four young men and grooming another 67 young men, as we read in La Croix International: A Pope Francis-commissioned investigation has discovered that Retired Bishop Christopher Saunders of Broome, 73, in Australia allegedly sexually assaulted four young people, while grooming another 67. According to 7NEWS, […]

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Munich Security Conference Says That Germany Can No Longer Rely On America For Defense Against Russia And Thus Must Increase Its Military Might

The chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Christoph Heusgen, said that Germany cannot rest all the time on America as a shelter, and must thus further strengthen itself. As we read in an interview that Heusgen did with ZDF: ZDF: You have experience with the first Trump administration: What can we expect if Trump wins […]

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Sweden Will Be Boosting Its Military Spending By 30%

The Swedish government has announced that it will be increasing its military spending by 30%, another sign of the growing militarist consciousness that is rising up in Europe. As we read in Breaking Defense: The government of Sweden plans to increase its defense spending by nearly 30 percent in 2024, according to newly released public […]

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The Government Of Italy Declares: Do Not Register Homosexual Couples On Birth Certificates

The Italian government is going hard against the homosexual agenda by declaring that homosexual couples should not be registered on birth certificates, as we read in France 24: Italy’s right-wing government has been cracking down on city councils to stop listing same-sex parents on birth certificates. Led by the hardline traditionalist Meloni, the ministry of […]

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