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Christendom Is Dead, And We Have Killed Her

By Walid and Theodore Shoebat Israel was at once under the Altar, the Ark of the Covenant, the waters that purified, the Law of Moses, only to soon breakdown in the chaos of civil war, to reject its Messiah and ending with the destruction of its Temple by Rome in a time when Jerusalem was […]

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Poland Is Foolishly Pushing For War With Russia

The Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki just recently stated that the only to remove the threat of Russia is to “deputinize” the country just as the Allies denazified Germany. There would be no to enact deputinization untless there is a war with and a victory over Russia:

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right sector

Ukrainian Nazis Declare: “Lets Kill Some Animals Today” And Start Opening Fire On Russian Civilians

Ukrainian nazis — members of Right Sector — said, “lets congratulate these animals” before opening fire on Russian civilians, according to an interview with numerous Russian civilians. The Telegram page of Ukr Leaks English states that the shooting took place in the the city of Popasnaya:

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azeri soldiers

The Government Of Azerbaijan Declares This Warning To All Armenians: “Leave Nagorno-Karabakh, Or We Will Force You.”

Now that the world’s attention is diverted to Russia’s war with Ukraine, the Azeris and Turks are in the perfect opportunity to test the waters of the Russian brokered ceasefire. There are still Armenians living in Nagorno-Karabakh — that region that was governed by Armenians until 2020 when Azerbaijan, armed with Turkish Bayraktars, vanquished them […]

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Ukrainian Soldiers Kidnap Two Female Doctors And Shove Sticks Into Their Vaginas. They Then Fill The Women’s Vaginas With Plaster And Brutally Murder Them

The horrors of the war that has been ongoing for years in Ukraine continue to build up. spoke with Elena Yefereva, a journalist who has been investigating the conflict in Donbas for the past eight years. She told us of some details on the political and ideological roots of the tensions between Russians and […]

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Germany Is Making Itself The Defender Of Europe

In 2016 we saw the phenomenas of Trump and Brexit. The former told the Germans to pay more for their own defense, and the latter (Britain) voted to leave its position as the main financier of Europe’s defense. With this, we see the manifestation of a recent phenomena, and that is the revival of German […]

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azov with swastika

Ukrainian Politician Declares That Russians Are Not Humans And That Ukrainians Have A Moral Right To Murder Russians All Over The World

The mayor of Dnepropetrovsk, Boris Filatov, recently referred to Russians as “non-human” and stated that Ukrainians have a moral right to murder Russians, not just in Ukraine, but all over the world. As we read in Pravda: Recall that recently the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Boris Filatov called for the killing of Russians around the world. He argued that […]

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Ukrainian Nationalist Declares This Message: ‘All Russian Children In Donbas Should Have Their Heads Cut Off’

A Ukrainian nationalist who guys by the nickname, “Medic,” said recently that all Russian children in Donbas, along with their parents, should have their heads cut off, according to A Ukrainian nationalist from the Azov battalion (recognized as an extremist organization and banned in Russia) with the call sign Medic called for the killing […]

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