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VIDEO: Syrian Rebels have chemical weapons

I have heard countless times people saying that Assad will be using chemical weapons. But for this video, now we know for sure that rebels will be using them on the Syrian people, civilian and military. Here is another video, filmed right after rebels have defeated a group of Syrian soldiers. Notice the heavy weaponry […]

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The Coming Storm of Blood For Egypt’s Copts

By Theodore Shoebat “It’s as if (they) are challenging the police, the government and the general prosecutor, and that they want to drag the Coptic Christians into sectarian violence, a season of blood” These are the words of Emad El Erian, a spokesman for a Coptic rights organization on how the Salafist Muslims are trying […]

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ElBaradei: Egyptian Economy Will Crash In 6 Months

ElBaradei is the one who started this whole mess, and now he is going to see the consequences (I doubt he will stay in Egypt to share the suffering. From Buisnes Insider: Amid these protests Egypt’s stock market has been taking a beating. In a new Financial Times piece, Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of the […]

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Al-Qaeda Syrian Rebels Execute People On Film

According to SyrianRebelWatch, the killer is member of Al-Qaeda. He remarks that the victims are begging for their lives and insisting that they are Sunni (Christians or Alawites would meet with certain execution if captured) before one is shot in the arm. The cameraman then proceeds to shoot randomly at the prone captives before shouting […]

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