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Catholic Diocese of Austin Lukewarm on Israel vs. Hamas

During mass at my local church today, the prayers were once again lacking in clarity and rife with moral equivalency. A few weeks ago, they were at least a bit more specific. In asking the congregation to say, “Lord, hear our prayer”, the Deacon prayed that both sides in Gaza stop fighting. Last week, there […]

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Aborted Babies used as Firewood

Hospitals are supposed to be places used for preserving life. Yet, a sick paradox has reared its head in Great Britain as aborted babies have been used to warm hospitals. A culture of death has been created that has transformed thousands of women from temples of life into incubators of firewood. The UK’s Telegraph reports […]

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“Liberal” Kirsten Powers rightfully rips Churches

By Ben Barrack Kirsten Powers is a liberal but she also has a history of making the conservative argument when would-be controversial stories should be placed front and center by churches because the mainstream media refuses to do so. Consider Kermit Gosnell, the former proprietor of a modern day concentration camp. His trial was reminiscent […]

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Ted Cruz forgets Fort Hood’s 14th Murder Victim

By Ben Barrack As a Texas talk show host, the topic of the Jihadist attack at Fort Hood has come up on more than one occasion during the show. Whenever I discuss it, one thing remains constant, never-changing. Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 14 people that day, not 13. I always make it a point to […]

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Democrats belong to Party of Satan

If you’re a Democrat, you belong to the Party of Satan (not an endorsement of the Republican Party). Over the last couple of weeks, the Texas State Capitol has become ground zero in an extremely spirited debate about whether it should be legal to sacrifice babies on the devil’s altar. As time was running out […]

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Are Nazi Comparisons to IRS / Obama’s associates finally warranted?

By Ben Barrack When the Internal Revenue Service Scandal (IRSS) broke, it was reported that conservative groups (capitalists) were targeted specifically for harassment. Perhaps something more chilling than that was soon thereafter reported; Jewish groups were not only targeted but asked to explain any support for Israel. Via the Jewish Press (h/t NRO): And at […]

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21st Century Nuremberg Trial in Philadelphia

Ben Barrack As you read, remember that the Muslim Brotherhood aligned with the Nazis in WWII and that there is widespread Arabic love for Hitler today. At the bottom of this post is an extremely important documentary entitled 3801 Lancaster. It is solely about the horror story that took place inside Kermit Gosnell’s “clinic”. Like […]

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Evil has descended on our Nation

Keith Davies I, like others, watched in horror, disbelief, and anger as the news about the murder of 26 including 20 children in an elementary school in Newtown, CT was delivered onto my television screen. Two of my three children are in elementary school; I just cannot imagine how the parents of these deceased babies […]

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Pregnant Woman Killed by Jinn and Daily Mail’s Abortion Inconsistency

In 2009, a pregnant woman died in her bed. Her husband and his family were in the house at the time. The prosecution insists that Nalia Mumtaz was smothered by her husband, Mohammed Mumtaz. The defense has a rather interesting defense. Via the Daily Mail: A pregnant wife was smothered to death by her husband, […]

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