Evil has descended on our Nation

Keith Davies

I, like others, watched in horror, disbelief, and anger as the news about the murder of 26 including 20 children in an elementary school in Newtown, CT was delivered onto my television screen. Two of my three children are in elementary school; I just cannot imagine how the parents of these deceased babies are dealing with this very heinous crime. You send your kids to school and they are dead from a mad gunman a few hours later. It is beyond my scope of thinking how anyone – no matter how disturbed – could aim a gun and kill innocent children unless it was for “jihad” (Islamists regard us infidels as mere cattle).

However, it seems our society today is breeding animals on par with “Jihadists”.

This act has nothing to do with “gun control” as guns have been around for hundreds of years and never have we seen this type of insanity used to murder people and young children until relatively recently. This is a societal values issue, a responsibility issue, and a moral issue.

As our society continues to abandon God, to believe in all the things that He commands us to avoid, we deny his rules and regulations. An increasing number of people cannot differentiate between good and evil. As a result, all that’s needed for an insane, morally bankrupt culture to thrive is for people to be brought up on and fed a steady diet of lower moral standards, coupled with a low-level of education, which leads to these unfathomable crimes.

As a society, we now believe in abortion on demand, gay marriage, and legalized pot smoking. There is rampant corruption in politics, in the church, and in business, all of which I have witnessed firsthand – with great frustration – in my dealings. Our society believes in killing the unborn and calling it “pro-choice”. I know from reading the Bible that God punishes us in the same way we sin. There is no shock from about 50% of the population that over a million unborn babies are killed each year in America. Yet, the whole nation will be shocked at the senseless and hideous slaughter of 20 children of kindergarten age. While this shock is warranted, the lesson of the bible is that we as a nation will continue to be punished the same as we sin.

Maybe, if as a country, we returned to honoring the commandments God provided, less of these crimes would occur.

In addition to praying intently for the families of the victims of these terrible shootings, we should also repent as a nation for how we have treated so many millions of babies just a few years younger than the ones massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Tolerating evil as good, will only beget us more evil.


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