Catholic Diocese of Austin Lukewarm on Israel vs. Hamas

During mass at my local church today, the prayers were once again lacking in clarity and rife with moral equivalency. A few weeks ago, they were at least a bit more specific. In asking the congregation to say, “Lord, hear our prayer”, the Deacon prayed that both sides in Gaza stop fighting.

Last week, there was no mention of Gaza, just that fighting somewhere between two unnamed entities should stop.

Today, I picked up what I thought might be a slight, obscure reference to Gaza but wasn’t really sure.

After getting home, I sent the church the following letter:

To whom it may concern,

For the third week in a row, I have heard either morally equivalent or morally vague (lukewarm) prayers about Israel / Gaza from the pulpit at this church.

First off, in a fight between good and evil, not taking a side equals siding with evil (Israel vs. Hamas is good vs. evil).

Hamas is committing war crimes, firing rockets from schools, mosques, and hospitals while Israel goes OUT OF ITS WAY to warn civilians to get out so Israel can bomb the rockets Hamas put inside. In fact, when those civilians try to get out, it’s HAMAS that makes them go back inside. Why? Because Hamas is sacrificing its civilians for a higher death toll in a twisted, sick PROPAGANDA war that constitutes crimes against humanity.

Apparently, that effort has had its desired effect on this church / Diocese of Austin.

To quote from the opening line of The Gloria that is said each and every week: “Glory to God in the highest. And on earth PEACE TO MEN OF GOOD WILL.”

Hamas is made up of evil men who commit unspeakable atrocities and then commit blood libel against Israel and my Church takes no stand?!?!

Would you agree that Hamas is not made up of men of good will?

Instead of praying such lukewarm prayers, how about the following prayer next week:

Prayer: “May the despicable evil of Hamas be exposed for the whole world to see so that Israel can finally eradicate that Muslim terrorist organization from existence. May the innocent victims of Hamas (to include innocent Israelis and Palestinians) soon live in peace. May the reality of Hamas be seen by the world so that its attempts to blame Israel for its own actions are proven ineffective and cease as a result. May the war crimes being perpetrated by Hamas be met with swift and harsh judgement.”

Congregation: “LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER!!!”

P.S. While you’re at it, tell whoever thought it was a good idea to put signs on the doors that prohibit guns on the premises that criminals looking for soft targets thank them.

I’m sorry but that’s sheer idiocy.

Oh, and how come there have never been any sermons that call attention to the atrocities of Kermit Gosnell? You are pro-life, right? I can think of no better example to make your case.

The worst part about this is I’m sure each one of you knows I’m right.

Ben Barrack


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