Aborted Babies used as Firewood

Hospitals are supposed to be places used for preserving life. Yet, a sick paradox has reared its head in Great Britain as aborted babies have been used to warm hospitals. A culture of death has been created that has transformed thousands of women from temples of life into incubators of firewood. The UK’s Telegraph reports that thousands of unborn babies have been incinerated in efforts to, apparently, keep inhabitants of hospitals from becoming too cold.

Sacrificing the young to save on Hospital heating bill.

Sacrificing the young to save on Hospital heating bill.

Keith Davies, of Shoebat.com is convinced that this macabre reality portends something much worse. “When the world is so desensitized to the lives of our children that it would accept extinguishing the lives of the most innocent among them for the comfort of adults, it suggests we will tolerate genocide any time it does not affect us personally,” Davies said.

Another take comes from Theodore Shoebat, who sees the incineration of unborn babies as something akin to holocaust ovens used to cremate the living. He argues that instead of debating whether or not abortion is murder, sensible people must start debating if those who perform them should continue living after being convicted in a court of law… for murder. “This is nothing short of abortion crematoria,” Shoebat says, “This is why abortion must be illegal and why those who practice it should be punished with capital punishment under the law.”

Currently, there is no law in the U.S. that either permits or prohibits abortion. With Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court wrote law, which is in violation of the Constitution.

Shoebat says the issue is not solely political but that it is definitely Biblical. “God told Noah that whoever murders, should have his life taken away in order to establish justice.”

Both Shoebat and Davies see an extremely troubling harbinger in what’s reported to have happened in the British hospitals. The lack of outrage is matched only by the crimes themselves because it is precisely the lack of outrage that allows the crimes to continue.

“People keep saying, ‘Never again’ when talk turns to the Jewish holocaust,” Shoebat says, “but when ‘never again’ is happening again, the motto is suddenly inapplicable.”

Davies, who is himself Jewish, points to the memorials erected to prevent people from forgetting about man’s inhumanity to man during World War II. “Sadly the building of museums and remembrances does not seem to have made one bit of difference to either preventing the evil that humans can commit or the apathy that prevents our leaders, pastors, rabbis and the public from stopping them,” he said.

It would seem that when unborn babies are sacrificed for the warmth of adults who should be sacrificing much more to ensure those babies survive, a culture of death has taken root in a place that is supposed to foster a culture of life.


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