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Next American to be Beheaded is a Convert to Islam but that doesn’t seem to help

At the end of the video featuring ISIS beheading victim Alan Henning, the next victim is presented. His name is Peter Kassig and he is an American Army vet who converted to Islam while in captivity; that doesn’t seem to be enough. Like the others, Kassig appears to be a leftist who is sympathetic to […]

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ISIS Beheads Another Sympathetic Leftist with Poor Judgment

ISIS has beheaded four Westerners on video – two Americans and two Brits. In each case the victims appear to have been either leftists or individuals who were sympathetic to Syria’s rebels. The latest victim is Alan Henning, a Brit who went so far as having a tattoo on his arm that expressed solidarity with […]

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ISIS Releases Video of New British Hostage

ISIS has released another video of a British man who appears wearing what looks like an orange jumpsuit. The video is different from ones previously released as it includes a three minute statement from John Cantlie (ironic spelling of last name), a British journalist who was kidnapped by ISIS back in July of 2012 (h/t […]

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