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Today’s Barrack Show: Egypt back in the News

On Today’s Show… This week, the U.S. State Department gave an official terrorist designation to an Egyptian network and its leader. What State didn’t do was identify this network as having been involved in the Benghazi attack, even though it’s been widely acknowledged as a suspect network. Even NBC news has reported on this network’s […]

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Today’s Barrack Show: Syria, Saudi Arabia and McCain

When it comes to what Obama is going to do relative to Syria, Senator John McCain (RINO-AZ) just can’t stay out of the news. This week, he cited an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal written by Elizabeth O’Bagy of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) to make his case during a Senate hearing with […]

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Barrack Show

On today’s Barrack show… By any sane standard, news that the brother of Al-Qaeda’s number one, Mohammed al-Zawahiri was arrested by the Egyptian military should be cheered. Yet, western mainstream media and Democratic Party – along with Republican whacko birds John McCain and Lindsey Graham – seem to think it’s bad news. In short, Egypt’s […]

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