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By any sane standard, news that the brother of Al-Qaeda’s number one, Mohammed al-Zawahiri was arrested by the Egyptian military should be cheered. Yet, western mainstream media and Democratic Party – along with Republican whacko birds John McCain and Lindsey Graham – seem to think it’s bad news.

In short, Egypt’s military is doing the United States a big favor by jailing these individuals but America’s leaders are chastising the interim Egyptian government.

Mohammed al-Zawahiri is a prominent figure in Ansar Al-Sharia Egypt, you know, the same Ansar Al-Sharia behind the Benghazi attacks last year.

Also, why is Saudi Arabia supporting Egypt’s military when the former has been exporting and funding the Muslim Brotherhood agenda all over the globe for years?

Something is very, very wrong with the official U.S. position on Egypt and it is a symptom of a much bigger problem.

Will we start getting answers on August 25th?

Other topics discussed include how what’s going on in Egypt is revealing the loyalties and leanings of individuals in the west, to include the media. For example, why does the Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin seem so heartbroken about the Muslim Brotherhood’s recent demise in Egypt? Could his attendance at a Muslim Brotherhood conference in Doha, Qatar provide any clues?

Barrack Show

Barrack Show

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