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U.S. Congressman Heckled at Temple Mount by Gaggle of Muslim Women Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and Says He ‘Respects what they’re doing’

Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) traveled to Jerusalem to visit the Temple Mount and while standing on the west side of the Mount, a gaggle of Muslim women in burkas heckled him with repeated shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’. You’ll see in the video that the women were being intentionally rude and overbearing, with Ross commenting that […]

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FINALLY! No-Go Zones for Burka-Clad Women!

No-go Zones (NGZ) are typically referred to as being places where non-Muslims dare not tread, even in their own countries. Take heart. There appears to be a new dynamic at work unfolding in a British town known as Leicester. There, Muslim women who wear burkas in public feel like they’re entering NGZ’s themselves. A new […]

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According to Muslim Leader, Burka-clad Militants in Afghanistan guilty of Hate Crimes

Just last week, Muslim leaders in Philadelphia called it a ‘hate crime’ for bank robbers to dress up as women in burkas because it discriminated against Islam to do so. Uh, we’re still waiting to hear from those same leaders about the Muslim men in Afghanistan who dressed as women in burkas to commit murder. […]

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Muslim Community: Hate Crime to dress in a Burka and rob a bank

A couple of weeks ago, we wondered why the Muslim community wasn’t up in arms over burka-clad men robbing banks making Islam look bad. Well, it took a while but that appears to be the course of action the Muslim community has taken. Furthermore, the Muslim community wants to it to be considered a hate […]

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Video: Two black males wear Burkas, rob banks; Paging CAIR…

Here is a compilation of surveillance videos of two black males who have been robbing banks in Philadelphia while wearing burkas. Pay attention to the blocked out customer at the 1:00 mark. The Burka-robber shoves the man aside until he gets the money while being armed and dangerous. The customer actually stands back, puts his […]

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