FINALLY! No-Go Zones for Burka-Clad Women!

No-go Zones (NGZ) are typically referred to as being places where non-Muslims dare not tread, even in their own countries. Take heart. There appears to be a new dynamic at work unfolding in a British town known as Leicester. There, Muslim women who wear burkas in public feel like they’re entering NGZ’s themselves.

A new book by two brainiacs at the University of Leicester features the “plight” of these victims:

Muslim women who wear a full veil say there are no-go areas in Leicester which they feel frightened to visit – even in a car.

They claim they are subjected to abuse every day and that it is getting increasingly difficult to avoid such incidents in the city centre.

The revelations are contained in a new book by two criminology lecturers at the University of Leicester.

More than 100 Leicester-based Muslim women were interviewed over a 12-month period for the book, called Islamophobia, Victimisation and the Veil.

Muslim communities are pointing to this as another example of Islamophobia, which as our regular readers know, is something to be embraced, not shunned.

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One of the University of Leicester authors – a woman – dressed in a burka and went out into the streets to get a sense of the horror!

“Attitudes to me changed over night,” she said. “People were abusive and threatening, and where previously shop assistants were friendly, they simply ignored me.”

That’s it? Shop assistants ignored her?! Perhaps she should try going to Mecca with a crucifix around her neck.

Earlier this year, it was reported that their are no-go zones for police in the UK, where Muslims levy their own brand of justice and have no respect or desire for British law. A consequence of this has been unreported violent crimes to include rape, murder, and honor killings.

If crimes such as these are going unreported so that the Muslim communities can enforce their own laws, doesn’t that point to an endemic, cultural problem that women with burkas in Leicester represent?

Got Islamophobia yet?

h/t BNI


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