U.S. Congressman Heckled at Temple Mount by Gaggle of Muslim Women Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and Says He ‘Respects what they’re doing’

Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) traveled to Jerusalem to visit the Temple Mount and while standing on the west side of the Mount, a gaggle of Muslim women in burkas heckled him with repeated shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’. You’ll see in the video that the women were being intentionally rude and overbearing, with Ross commenting that the closer he gets to the Temple, the louder the women become.

Other shouts by the women translated to mean:

“You will be eradicated soon by Allah’s will! I seek refuge in Allah!”

At the :50 mark, the gaggle shouts:

“Allahu Akbar and glory be to Islam. You will be eradicated by Allah’s will.”

Unfortunately, Ross unwittingly endorsed his own country’s eradication. With the women droning, rambling and shouting in the background, Ross made a rather ridiculous comment typical of a politician not wanting to offend anyone. As the women were shouting that the likes of Ross will one day be ‘eradicated’, the congressman calmly stated that he ‘respect(s) what they’re doing’ because he comes from a country of religious freedom (h/t GWP):

The congressman’s comment that he respects what the women were doing as they were rudely heckling him is quite instructive. Inherent in the comment is a premise that when it comes to lands that have religious freedom vs. Muslim lands which do not, religious freedom is more desirable and therefore will win the day.

The problem is that’s not at all what’s happening. Islam is winning.

As Ross touts religious freedom, the women behind him represent a movement hellbent on taking that religious freedom away. A larger problem is that those women represent a force in the world that is on the march and gaining access to more land while committing mass genocide and carrying out a Christian holocaust in the process.

All the while, Ross said he respects what they’re doing?! Hats off to him for putting it all on video but cheering their right to do it was definitely out of place.

To underscore the point about tone deafness, check out this exchange between Sean Hannity and Chaldean Christian spokesman Mark Arabo. In it, Arabo is rightly and visibly outraged by the lack of action coming from Washington, DC when it comes to what he calls a Christian holocaust in the Middle East:

The Christians Arabo is talking about in that video are getting virtually no help from world leaders. Donate to Rescue Christians and help us help as many as we can.


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