Muslim Community: Hate Crime to dress in a Burka and rob a bank

A couple of weeks ago, we wondered why the Muslim community wasn’t up in arms over burka-clad men robbing banks making Islam look bad. Well, it took a while but that appears to be the course of action the Muslim community has taken.

Furthermore, the Muslim community wants to it to be considered a hate crime for men to dress up in Islamic female garb (burka) in order to rob a bank.

No, seriously.

Via ABC in Philadelphia, h/t BNI:

Recently, a number of violent criminals have traded in ski masks for traditional Islamic attire.

Today religious leaders joined local politicians in center city Philadelphia to demand an end to the abuse. Just a couple weeks ago, a man disguised from head-to-toe in women’s Muslim garb robbed a bank in Crescentville. It’s the kind of crime Philadelphia’s Muslim leaders condemned today. They also offered a large reward for any information that helps arrest and convict anyone who commits a crime while disguised as a Muslim woman.

“We are seeing it all too often now,” said Seth Williams, Philadelphia’s District Attorny. “Cowards, dressing in the garb of Muslim women, robbing banks, shooting people.”

Uh, if it’s a hate crime for men to dress up in burkas while robbing banks, what is it called when Muslim men dress up as women in burkas so they can become suicide bombers?

A love crime? A crime of passion?

Here is the news report from ABC.


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