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French Protestors Storm Town Hall Building, Take A Portrait Of Emmanuel Macron, Step On It And Then Toss It Out The Window To The Cries Of “Freedom!”

For years we have been warning about the Euro Spring. While the world looked with shock and horror at the violent revolutions of the Arab Spring, little to no one was warning about the rise of the Euro Spring. Well now, we are witnessing it. It takes a lot more to anger Europeans than it […]

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Expect Mask Mandates To Come Back By The Fall Season, And Expect Covid Restrictions To Be On And Off For The Next Two To Three Years

There have been some interesting reports on what to expect concerning the Delta Variant of covid: expect mask mandates to return by the fall season, and expect covid restrictions to return and go on and off for the next four years. As we read in MSNBC: The country, which just celebrated the Fourth of July […]

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The Biden Administration Reveals: US Intelligence Suspects That Covid Came From A Lab

The Biden administration just recently revealed that an element within the intelligence community suspects that covid came from a lab, and that an ongoing investigation has been taking place to see if came by human contact or by a leak from a lab. As we read in Fox News: An administration official told Fox News […]

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