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Terrorist Who State Department Spokesman Says is a Christian is Funded by Muslim State Sponsor of Terrorism Who Obama’s Brother Worked For in Sudan

After State Department spokesman Marie Harf embarrassed herself by suggesting that ISIS terrorists needed jobs to prevent them from becoming terrorists, she doubled down, as Shoebat.com reported but she also did something unbelievably egregious. While appearing on Morning Joe, Harf invoked the name Joseph Kony as an example of a Christian terrorist. Doing so was […]

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Obama’s Useful, Shameless, (and CLUELESS) Hollywood Idiots

Let there be no doubt that Obama’s apparatchiks are the puppet masters of Hollywood’s celebrity idiots. The photo below, of the cast of Expendables 3 all holding up ‘BringBackOurGirls’ signs is almost painful to look at. At Shoebat.com, we chronicled the timeline which shows how the Obama administration used the #BringBackOurGirls to launch a social […]

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American Muslim Civil Rights Group Makes Excuses For Boko Haram’s Kidnapping 200 Girls

Former Executive Director of CAIR-Florida, Ahmed Bedier was one of several Muslim leaders to speak at the National Press Club recently and equated the actions of Boko Haram to those of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) while making the case that one warlord named Joseph Kony is a Christian, in order to argue that religion […]

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Obamas Share Boko Haram’s Agenda to Eradicate Christian Education

By Walid Shoebat, Theodore Shoebat, and Ben Barrack **Shoebat Exclusive** Few pay attention to the common agendas shared by Boko Haram (the terrorist group that has kidnapped over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls) and the non-profit organizations ran by the Obama family. The primary goals of both is to eradicate western education in Africa; the evidence is overwhelming. To the […]

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Obama’s Plot To Cover For His Terror-linked Brother

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack (Shoebat Exclusive) The Barack Obama administration is stepping up its efforts to bring a warlord named Joseph Kony to justice. But common sense tells us that such effort is simply a political ploy; the U.S. Administration simply wants to portray Kony as “Christian terrorist”. Why else does the Obama […]

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Samantha Power’s speech at Invisible Children event

This story is somewhat dated (and we’re not sure how we missed it) but thought it warranted a post with some commentary nonetheless. Do you remember the guy who had a meltdown after the Kony 2012 video went viral last year and ran naked through the streets of San Diego in broad daylight, screaming and […]

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Will Arrest of Joseph Kony be bad for Malik Obama?

By Ben Barrack It appears that a barbaric Ugandan warlord named Joseph Kony may be close to being captured. Last year, Kony 2012 went viral thanks to the Kardashian / Bieber celebrity crowd, which tweeted links to it shortly after the documentary had been released. The movie was about making Kony “famous” in order to […]

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Explosive Shoebat Exclusive: Islamic Extremism and Sex Slaves courtesy of the IRS

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack When Malik Obama, President Obama’s half-brother, and Sarah Obama, the president’s step-grandmother raised money in the United States, they claimed it was for charity work in Kogelo, Kenya. It was later discovered that not only did the IRS illegally grant one of them (Malik) tax-deductible status retroactively, but in […]

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Video: University of Washington professor of African Studies on Kony 2012

Yesterday, we posted Sam Childers’ video response to the viral video, Kony 2012. He said that while getting Kony is a good thing, Omar al-Bashir in Northern Sudan is the much bigger problem. Childers has credibility because his boots have been on the ground over there, on and off, for fourteen years. Now enter University […]

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Video: Machine Gun Preacher responds to Kony 2012

Over the course of the last week, a video called Kony 2012 has gone absolutely viral (nearly 70 million views in just five days). Joseph Kony is about as evil as it gets. For years his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has raided Christian villages in northern Uganda / South Sudan. Young girls are turned into […]

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