Video: University of Washington professor of African Studies on Kony 2012

Yesterday, we posted Sam Childers’ video response to the viral video, Kony 2012. He said that while getting Kony is a good thing, Omar al-Bashir in Northern Sudan is the much bigger problem. Childers has credibility because his boots have been on the ground over there, on and off, for fourteen years. Now enter University of Washington Associate Professor of African Studies, Daniel Hoffman. He actually seems to go further than Childers, though he doesn’t mention Bashir. What he does imply quite clearly is that Kony is almost a non-factor, relative to what he used to be.

Also, take note beginning at the 6:00 mark. Hoffman basically says that if Kony is arrested, it could take attention away from the region. A consequence of such a scenario, though he doesn’t say it, is that South Sudan would immediately become more vulnerable to an attack and further genocide from the north.

h/t Ted


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