American Muslim Civil Rights Group Makes Excuses For Boko Haram’s Kidnapping 200 Girls

Former Executive Director of CAIR-Florida, Ahmed Bedier was one of several Muslim leaders to speak at the National Press Club recently and equated the actions of Boko Haram to those of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) while making the case that one warlord named Joseph Kony is a Christian, in order to argue that religion is not responsible for Boko Haram’s terrorism.

Aside from the fact that Kony is not a Christian, what Bedier didn’t mention is that the terrorist behind Kony is Omar al-Bashir, the Muslim President of Sudan (a State Sponsor of Terrorism) who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes that are entirely separate from his support of Kony.

Kony and Sudan's Omar al-Bashir.

Kony and Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir.

Calling Kony a Christian is about as legitimate as calling Timothy McVeigh a Christian. McVeigh was a professed agnostic who declared ‘science’ was his religion.

Something else Bedier failed to mention is that Barack Obama’s brother works for al-Bashir.

In this video, watch Bedier blame the government of Nigeria for the terrorism of Boko Haram:

When it comes to Boko Haram, Muslim leaders in the U.S. appear to have followed Hillary Clinton’s lead. A timeline of events showed that Hillary first chimed in with a tweet on May 4th (one day prior to the release of a video by the group’s leader). She then interviewed with Robin Roberts on May 7th. On May 8th, Muslim leaders in the U.S. assembled at the National Press Club to defend Islam and blame the Nigerian government for Boko Haram’s terrorism.


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