Obama’s Plot To Cover For His Terror-linked Brother

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack
(Shoebat Exclusive)

The Barack Obama administration is stepping up its efforts to bring a warlord named Joseph Kony to justice. But common sense tells us that such effort is simply a political ploy; the U.S. Administration simply wants to portray Kony as “Christian terrorist”. Why else does the Obama Administration continue to avoid identifying who is behind Kony? The Washington Post reported that the number of Special ops forces in the region is being more than doubled and that military aircraft are being sent there to assist in the effort that began almost three years ago.

Joseph Kony: Look for the left to paint him as a "Christian fundamentalist"

Joseph Kony: Look for the left to paint him as a “Christian fundamentalist”

Kony, who heads a group called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is responsible for the commission of heinous atrocities in and around Uganda and South Sudan. These acts include raiding villages, rape, and forcing young boys to murder their parents before making them join the LRA as soldiers.

According to multiple sources, the man behind Kony is a man that Barack Obama’s brother, Malik Obama works for – Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, as was first reported by Shoebat.com. In 2010, the Global Post reported that the “LRA has long enjoyed the patronage of… Omar al-Bashir”. In 2012, the African Globe reported that al-Bashir government “renewed its military support to LRA rebels”. KPFA’s Ann Garrison reported at the time that U.S. Special Forces in Uganda also pointed the finger of blame directly at Omar al-Bashir.

In October of 2011, Obama sent approximately 100 Special Operations forces to Africa to help arrest Kony. This deployment was announced less than one month after the release of a Hollywood film entitled, Machine Gun Preacher, which was based on the true story of Sam Childers, who has been helping orphaned children in the area for more than a decade. While Childers is quite familiar with Kony, he too acknowledges that the real force behind him is al-Bashir.

In March of 2012, a left-wing group known as Invisible Children released a video entitled Kony 2012. The stated objective of the project was to “Make Kony famous” in order to help call attention to him and bring him to justice. The film had a surreal aspect to it with Hollywood celebrities and the Obama administration helping it become the “Most Viral Video in History”. The film, like the Obama administration, made no mention of al-Bashir being the force behind Kony. The meteoric rise of the film lasted less than two weeks. Its crash seemed to coincide with producer Jason Russell running naked through the streets of downtown San Diego in broad daylight.

Invisible Children's Jason Russell quite visible on the streets of San Diego.

Invisible Children’s Jason Russell quite visible on the streets of San Diego.

Of course, while Malik Obama working for al-Bashir very well could help explain why the Obama administration doesn’t want to call out al-Bashir along with Kony, there is another potentially political dynamic to be exploited. Al-Bashir is a Muslim fundamentalist and belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood. Kony is not a Muslim. In fact, as far back as 1996, Kony was labeled by Bob Drogin of the Los Angeles Times as a “Christian fundamentalist”.

Such an assertion is ludicrous but if Kony is captured, left-wing and mainstream media outlets very well may attempt the same technique.

How many Christian fundamentalists do you know who do the bidding of Muslim fundamentalists?

Kony and Sudan's Omar al-Bashir.

Kony and Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir.

Recently, the New York Daily News reported that the “H” was dropped from Obama’s presidential library foundation. “Initially Obama’s library was called the Barack H. Obama Foundation, but the non-profit dropped the “H” — that refers to Obama’s middle name Hussein. Obama’s half brother, Abon’go Malik Obama, operates a bare bones website for the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to remembering their late father.”

So what legal defense does the president have now? His brother Malik’s scandal cannot be ignored and Barack cannot say that he never knew what Malik was doing since the foundation bearing his name has been specifically altered to differentiate it from his brother’s foundation.

Here is Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers explaining that al-Bashir is the real force behind Kony:


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