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Egyptian Journalist Confirms ISIS is the True Islam, complains that the Leading Imams are too Cowardly to Admit it.

Source Memri H/T BNI On your Western Media leftists and even “conservatives” tell us that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. Ask any former Muslim, former Muslim Terrorist, or even this leading Journalist in Egypt (who is Muslim and from the Middle East), who are trying to warn the people of the West that […]

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The Islamic State Firmly Engrained in Jerusalem

Prominent Preacher Sheik Omar Abu Sara who is seen here openly preaching vile anti Jew hate at the Al Asqa Mosque Jerusalem to dozens of “worshippers” amongst the “highlights” of his speech were: “By Allah, the Jews are the most evil of Allah’s creations,” “They are the most evil creatures to have walked this Earth.” […]

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Proof of Jew hate from American Mosques

Posted by Memri on You Tube Rami Kawas an Imam that preaches Jew Hate from his mosque in Brooklyn New York If one believes this is just an isolated speech, think again as we work with many former Muslims, which include Zak Anani, Kamal Saleem, Nonie Darwish and others who would all testify that Jew […]

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