Egyptian Journalist Confirms ISIS is the True Islam, complains that the Leading Imams are too Cowardly to Admit it.

Source Memri H/T BNI

On your Western Media leftists and even “conservatives” tell us that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. Ask any former Muslim, former Muslim Terrorist, or even this leading Journalist in Egypt (who is Muslim and from the Middle East), who are trying to warn the people of the West that ISIS and Islam are one of the same as was espoused by the false Prophet Mohammed.

Watch this short clip from Ibrahim Issa a leading journalist in Egypt:

Either the West continues to drink the Kool Aid or they start to deal with Islam the way it needs to be dealt with, just like we dealt with the Nazis, or expect to drown in more blood from these Islamic Satan worshipers. As Walid Shoebat has stated “Islam is Nazism with a religious twist.” The proof is out there for everyone to choose, if one chooses to see. Sadly in the USA 81% of Democrats and 51% of Republicans still think that Islam is a peaceful religion. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE HUMUS.


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