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North Dakota GOP Show a Spine: Disinvites Imam for Prayer Invocation

North Dakota shows some leadership to stand up to the Islam victory delarations at our state and federal government insitutions. Ash Wednesday a holy day for all Christians was rightly found to be “inappropriate” to have a promoter of the faith of anti Christ saying prayers to Satan at the State Legislator Buildings. “House Republican […]

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Pack of Somali Lone Wolves wanted in Minnesota

It looks like we may have another pack of lone wolves on the loose. Via CBS Minnesota: Police are looking for as many as six or seven Somali men after two joggers were randomly attacked in Fridley. Authorities said two joggers were the victims of what are being labeled as random attacks on Saturday at […]

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Audio: Exchange between Walid and Muslim students that has CAIR up in arms

To be brought up to speed on this story, feel free to read this post first. Thanks to the Right Scoop, we now have the audio of the exchange between two Muslim exchange students and Walid at the Assembly of God Church in Perham, MN on February 24th. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) charges […]

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WDAY reporter cites CNN Hit Piece on Walid in blatantly biased report on incident involving two Muslim youths

Kevin Wallevand of WDAY TV out of Fargo, ND did a “news report” on an incident involving Walid and two Muslim youths at an Assembly of God church in Perham, MN that took place on February 24th. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) also inserted itself into the story. Aside from the fact that Walid […]

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Small Minnesota town denies Mosque Permit; US Attorney assigned after CAIR Complains

B. Todd Jones is not just the acting Director of the ATF (assigned after Kenneth Melson was reassigned after Operation Fast and Furious was uncovered), he’s also the U.S. Attorney for Minnesota and he’s been assigned by Eric Holder’s Justice Department to a case involving the Village of St. Anthony in Minnesota. To make a […]

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Minnesota Governor (D) Encouraging Muslims to follow their Sharia Dreams

A state that elected the first Muslim to the U.S. Congress (Keith Ellison) now sports a Governor who is encouraging Muslims to get engaged in politics. Both are Democrats. Via the Star Tribune: Gov. Mark Dayton is expected to address participants of the 8th Annual Muslim Day at the Capitol on Thursday, according to event […]

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Minnesota State Senator takes bite of Dhimmitude sandwich

The only thing worse than not standing up to the prospect of Sharia and the dangers of Islam is backing down after making the attempt to do so. A Minnesota State Senator took the latter course of action and would have been better off whistling past the graveyard. Via WCCO in Minneapolis: The Minnesota Chapter […]

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Shariah Watch: Fox News Report – Is Minnesota Under Attack From Shariah Law ?

http://shoebat.org/videos/minnesotaSharia.php This news report was released in mid-August from Fox News regarding a number of issues concerning citizens of Minnesota…. Click Here To Watch The Video Clip Click Here To View YouTube Version Click Here To View Other Videos From Our “SHARIAH WATCH” Archives

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