Audio: Exchange between Walid and Muslim students that has CAIR up in arms

To be brought up to speed on this story, feel free to read this post first. Thanks to the Right Scoop, we now have the audio of the exchange between two Muslim exchange students and Walid at the Assembly of God Church in Perham, MN on February 24th.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) charges that the two students “were kicked out of the event for questioning the anti-Islam bigotry of the speaker, Walid Shoebat.

This is absolutely false as the audio below demonstrates (transcript under the link):


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Transcript of Exchange

Walid: Yes, you. You’re not from this village, are you (laughter)?

Muslim Student: You lie all the time… (inaudible)

Walid: There you go.

Muslim Student: I’m from Indonesia and I would like to clarify some things you are saying to us.

Walid: It’s question and answer time, not clarifying time so, please, respect this event. What’s your question?

Muslim Student: Why do you lie?

Walid: Why do I lie? Because I get Zionist bribes. That’s why I lie. I get money from the Zionists. You know, there’s a conspiracy here against Islam and I get paid oodles of money. Does that answer your question?

MS: If you say that Islam is unpeaceful, you can ask my friends how I treat them. Am I unpeaceful to them? Huh, sir? And you talk about the Mahdi from Gifa? What are you talking about? What is this?

Walid: Excuse me?

MS: According to resource from… inaudible with some Arabic… of the peacock. That’s first.

Walid: Do you know Arabic?

MS: I read Arabic.

Walid: You do?

MS: I’m trying to speak Arabic.

Walid: Ok.

MS: What is the resource?

Walid: I gave a quote, since you asked about the Mahdi. I gave a quote. I said (speaks in Arabic). What does that mean?

MS: What were you citing?

Walid: Huh?

MS: Who said it?

Walid: Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. It’s a Hadith.

MS: Who said that?

Walid: I told you, it’s the Hadith…

(Student begins talking, continues during Walid’s response)

Walid: I see, you want the reference… and all that stuff. Look up in Google. It’s in the book. The reference is there so please…(student keeps talking) Please… respect this event. I asked you, ‘do you know what it means.’ You said you don’t know what it means. Do you speak Arabic? You don’t speak Arabic…

MS: If I asked you, from hate to love…

Walid: Please. Questions.

MS: You know who is Messiah of Islam? It’s Jesus Christ.

(At this point, Keith Davies attempts to tell the students to leave by saying ‘out’. Each time he says it, he gets louder because they aren’t listening).

(Church member intervenes)

Member: I am an assistant (inaudible) here and I ask you to please leave.

MS: I’ll leave but may I… Islam…

Walid: Please leave.


Walid: Thank you, good night. Questions? Questions? You see how it works?


Walid: You come and you throw a smoke bomb. You come and you say, ‘Here, I have witnesses. I have this. I have that. I’m a loving Muslim’ and all these things. Well, you know, if I give you a lecture on the loving Muslim… You get on the radio and guess what? The first caller who’s Muslim… He says ‘I hate terrorism. I condemn terrorism’… but the only thing they’re fighting is the ones who are exposing terrorism. They will never fight Saudi Arabia; they will never fight the Council on American-Islamic Relations; they will never fight Feisal Abdul Rauf, who wants to build a mosque by ground zero. They will never fight even Al Qaeda!

But they’re so brave to come here and to say that they are loving people and they are wonderful people but this is the evil one who is telling you the truth about Islam. He doesn’t even speak a word of Arabic, by the way. [Walid recites something in Arabic]. The Mahdi is the peacock of all angels… The most beautiful of angelic beings. It’s amazing how that matches the Bible. There you go. A Muslim is a peaceful Muslim but once you push the red button, he’s not peaceful anymore. He will disrupt your event.


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